June 13, 2014

So you pay a pretty penny for this big gigantic cake (probably the only tiered cake you’ll ever buy) or even a bunch of fancy cupcakes. But how do you save this sweet deliciousness for your one year anniversary?


Oh I loved our cake! (Thank you for the pictures MichaelWill Photography)


The key to saving your cake tier or even a cupcake is what you do before and during the wedding.

  • First of all, find a sealed container BEFORE the wedding. That way during the wedding your coordinator, MOH or even you aren’t running around trying to find a container.


  • Give that container to someone who you can trust during the wedding to have the cake top wrapped in tinfoil, put in the container and will freeze it. (Make sure it’s frozen either at your house or someone’s house that you can leave it there for a year. You can transport it once it’s frozen in a cooler, but it’s a pain.)

  • This might seem like common sense, but during the wedding when you cut the cake don’t cut the tier that you’re going to save 🙂 (The icing or fondant helps lock in the freshness of the cake.) You usually cut the bottom tier during the wedding but I have seen couples go for the top tier at weddings I attended and I wanted to yell no!

  • You can even have a separate little cake that you either save for your anniversary or cut.

  • A year later, just remember to take it out of the freezer for a couple of hours to let it defrost at room temperature before you slice into it.

For our one year, I got in my dress again 🙂 and Ben put on a suit and we took some pictures on the beach. Plus we brought the cake along (I put it on my grandma’s cake stand and put our topper on it again) and cut it with our wedding knife and server.

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