2019 Behind the Scenes

February 26, 2020

I love putting together a behind the scenes blog post every year because it shows that it’s not just one person behind Cassady K Photography. I have a lot of help, especially when it comes to wedding days! And this year I had extra help at every wedding thanks to amazing friends because of health problems that you can read about in my 2019 Personal Review post. But I love the bts post because it also shows how much fun we have on wedding days!

2019 began with SPARK‘s IGNITE workshop. It was our biggest workshop to date and 2020’s workshop is going to be even bigger!

These are all the SPARK ladies that helped put on the workshop.

I taught a breakout class about how to protect your business in advance.

If I haven’t shot at a venue before I love to try and visit it before a wedding day just to get an idea of what to expect and to plan for portraits and the sun. I had a fun time visiting the Surf Club on the Sound with Alyssa the week before her wedding.

Ben came with me to all of my weddings this year as my assistant. I have to say I did get pretty spoiled having him around 🙂

Ben is an assistant of many talents from carrying my gear, to sewing bridesmaid dresses…

…to helping steam bridesmaid robes. He jumps in and does it all so that we can stay on schedule.

Apparently the arch in the back is what it takes to capture the perfect wedding dress image. 😉

I love styling details!! It’s one of the first things I do when I arrive on a wedding day and it gets me warmed up for the rest of the day. Here’s a picture of me styling the invitation suite and how the image turned out.

Here’s another bts of me shooting and the image that resulted on the right.

I’d like to say I’m a master at putting in veils securely lol. I’ve seen too many veils come out and take off into the wind.

This year we got to work with my friend Steph and her husband, Justin, from Tonemedia.

We are also very skilled at putting on boutonnieres and cufflinks.

Watch out when I have my harness on with both my cameras and my Shootsac… I’m a wide load haha!

Ben getting the Father of the Bride in just the right position for the perfect first look between the Bride and her dad.

Sometimes we have to improvise to stay on schedule, like driving Genesis to her first look in our car, but I promise I’ll always take care of you!

I believe I’m explaining how the first look will happen to James in the first picture.

It might look like we don’t have the veil under control, but I promise it’s for the perfect picture (on the right).

Train fluffing, there’s so much of that throughout a wedding day! That’s why I go to the gym and do squats and lunges!

When Ben and I get an idea watch out and just follow haha.

I always just need to be a little bit taller!

It’s worth it to go under the veil for the veil shots…even if it feels awkward!

Again, me shooting on the left and the image that resulted on the right.

We are real fancy, Ben blocking the lens flare with a piece of paper (the timeline). And the always on top of everything, Devin, making sure that everyone is in place.

The progression of me taking family portraits and the groups getting bigger and bigger so I had to keep backing up into the tree. (Again this is why I do squats!)

My bouquet and purse holding assistant/cutie of a husband 🙂

He would have never took these picture for me, but for Mekina he did!

Wedding days make me so happy, I even smile while I’m taking pictures!

Testing the light with my photographers/assistant.

I loved working with Tonemedia so much, and not just because they’re our friends, at Leslie + Renzo’s wedding! I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a videographer!

Testing the light with Ben for when Alyssa would walk down the aisle (but not stepping on the aisle runner) and Ben saving a seat for one of my photographers to get James’s reaction.

We loved working with our friends Kate & Co Events for Sara + Anthony’s wedding.

A bit chilly waiting for the ceremony to begin.

I love when my team has a table at the reception! It gives us a place that’s our home base, plus it allows us to eat and still watch everything that’s happening at the reception in case we need to jump up to take a picture.

Where’s Cassady?

I’m pretty proud of my engineering in this photo. I was helping another photographer and I didn’t expect to stay for the reception so I hadn’t brought my light stand. I used a belt and a hair tie to hang my flash off of her’s!

I always just need to be a little taller during the dancing at receptions!

It’s always fun shooting a friend’s wedding because that means there will be more of your friends as guests!

Sometimes you just have to dance a little 🙂

I used ben on the left to test out night time portraits and I love the shot I got of Genesis + Josh on the right.

I am so thankful to all of my couples this year that trusted me to capture their weddings. It was such a fun time!

I have so many friend-tographers to thank for helping me out this year! I used to photograph weddings by myself, but after second shooting for other photographers I realized how important it is to not only have another photographer to get a different viewpoint, but also to have a friend to work with and to be a backup in case something would happen to me. I usually only need a second photographer, but this year with my health concerns I hired an extra photographer for each wedding in case I wasn’t able to make it to a wedding. So a huge thank you to Barbara, Ash, Devin, Leandra, Diana, Lin and Mekina!!

So many of our friends had babies this year that I was able to photograph several newborn sessions which meant I got lots of baby snuggles! I even dressed up Sophie!

Ben pretends to not care about babies, but I caught him looking in on Kit.

Newborn sessions aren’t just easy, warm cuddly sessions. I try to make them that way, but there are so many little tricks that I bring and it includes keeping the baby well fed the entire time.

Just a little look into the life of a photographer. Most of my time is spent in my office.

Oh I love sending out packages and cards!!

In the fall I did mini sessions and Ben came along as my assistant. Also he’s my secret weapon with kids.

Kids love Ben, I can’t explain it, but they’re seriously drawn to him and he’s able to get them to smile for pictures.

I love when I get to see past couples again!

Want to know how to get a dog to look during pictures? Treats… lots and lots of treats 🙂

So that was 2019 and some behind the scenes shots! And this weekend I start 2020 by photographing a wedding! I’m really looking forward to seeing all that’s in store for Cassady K Photography!

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