Dutchess Manor Wedding Album Lauren + Brian

April 24, 2020

If there was one recommendation I could give couples after their wedding it is to print your pictures! Those pictures that you paid so much money for are worthless if you never see them!! Ben and I have been married for almost 8 years (End of this May!) and we (really I) still have our wedding photos framed all throughout our apartment! Why? Because I love them and seeing them reminds me of our incredible wedding day and our love for each other 🙂

So you know I love when a couple either books one of my wedding collections with an album in it (the album is discounted) or decides after their wedding to add a wedding album for a couple of reasons…

One, I’m so excited that they’re printing their pictures and will have something for themselves and future generations to look at and remember.

Two, I love designing wedding albums to tell the story of their wedding day, that’s why I prefer to choose the images first and design an initial album. I photographed your wedding so I know what was important. As a couple it’s hard to sort through all those images and choose out of all of them the 10-15% that make it into an album. (That’s why my personal wedding album is as thick as my Calculus textbook was in college. – Side note, I was an engineer major for 2 years and made it to Calculus 3 so it was a thick book.)

I’m also a graphic designer so I take the time to layout each spread using your pictures. I don’t use a template and fit your pictures into a cookie cutter spread. Once you see the initial album, then you can choose to make any changes to the images or design.

Three, I love the album company I use. First, their printing matches the color that I edited the images to be so I can ensure correct coloring. Second, their albums are handmade, custom bookbinding and their work is beautiful! Just continue checking out this Dutchess Manor wedding album!

I love to include a spread of the family photos, it is so important to remember the loved ones that were a part of your wedding day.

These next two spreads are great examples of how I was able to include so many details and images in unique layouts because I custom designed each layout.

And of course I always welcome including more spreads so you can have even more of your photos included. For example if you would like to include more of your portraits together or more dancing reception photographs.

Lauren + Brian chose to get hand stamped rose gold imprinting on both the front and the spine of their Dutchess Manor wedding album.

I love that they chose different wording for the spine of their Dutchess Manor wedding album than what was on the front.

The spreads are printed on pages that are such a thick card stock that you don’t have to worry about them bending.

All albums come in a velvet bag that fits the album and is then placed in a thick cardboard box.

So have you printed your engagement or wedding pictures? (Printing is also available in my couples’ online galleries through my printing company to ensure the correct coloring.) Have you thought about ordering a wedding album? It’s never too late!

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