July’s Goals

July 6, 2018

The end of May/beginning of June was busy! So busy that I never got around to writing my monthly goals for June… whoops! Well I’m back now and I’m trying be outside and still do as much work possible.

I spent the first couple of days in June at home in Pittsburgh recovering from my sister’s bridal shower and getting together with my best friend and her little girls. We went to see Ben’s family in the middle of June for his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and we picked some fresh strawberries on the way home. It’s been so rainy on the weekends for engagement sessions and weddings, but I shot a rain-free wedding with Mekina. Ben and I have spent a lot of time gardening and planting pretty flowers all around our house. We also got out a couple of times with friends to eat by the water, see a Gavin DeGraw concert and volunteer for Harlem Grown.

For July:

Business Goals:

  • We’re leaving for Florida tomorrow, but when we get back my schedule explodes! I have sessions and weddings and I just want to keep up with all of it and all the images.
  • After taking a couple months off at the beginning of the year I’m back to blogging twice a week. It was a nice break and now I’m back to shooting lots so I have enough content. I’m also trying to not just make it about the images I shoot, but I’m also trying to make the blog a little more personal. Sometimes it’s so easy to hide behind the images I take that’s all it looks like I do.
  • I’m almost done editing all the 2nd shooting from last year. Seriously, one more wedding!
  • Since I’ll have finally finished editing my second editing then it’s time to start updating the galleries on my website! Yay for new images to share!
  • I finished  Katelyn James’ Lighting & Locations course and now I’m on to her last course, posing.
  • I’m really excited for this next thing! I have a strategy session with Cinnamon Wolfe! I’ve been really appreciative to have my husband give feedback into my business over the years, but I’m excited to have someone else give me some fresh insights into my business.

Personal Goals:

  • We leave for Florida tomorrow! Last year I had a wedding right before the vacation and right after so I was a little stressed about all of that. I have purposely kept the time right before and right after free so I can just relax on this vacation.
  • We’re still gardening! I feel like the hard part of gardening is done: weeding, planting and getting the plants established. Now it’s just some little weeds every once in awhile, lots of watering and hopefully picking some vegetables soon. This is the enjoyable part, but I’m hoping everything survives while we’re gone for a week.
  • My gym membership ended in June 🙁 I had originally started at the gym because I had a 6 month groupon. I wanted to see if I’d actually use the membership and I so did. The problem is the gym has since switched management and their pricing is ridiculous, not to mention there’s a $70 cancelation fee!! Seriously?!? So Ben is trying to help me find another gym, because I’m just not good at exercising outside. Plus my physical therapist recently told me that with some of my health conditions it would be good for me to keep going to a gym. And I agree, when I go I have more energy and I don’t hurt as much. It’s just finding a gym.

And now I’m on vacation mode for a week!

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