Engaged: Jess + Ted

May 26, 2011

She easily guided him through the city and he followed without question. And when she started throwing out ideas he jokingly reminded her that he was supposed to make the decisions, she just smiled. They didn’t say much as he drove but I could tell that even the silence was meaningful. They have this way of communicating that at least on the outside is refreshing and simple, but I have a feeling it’s the same way in private. They’re a team and soon they’ll be one.

I’ve been fortunate to know Jess my whole life (literally our grandparents and parents are friends) and Jess and I met Ted at Penn State. So to say that this couple has a special place in my heart would be an understatement. They have set such an awesome example of a Christ-centered-relationship and I am so thankful for the friendship that Ben and I have and will continue to have with them.

So check out their engagement pictures because I think they turned out pretty awesome, I know I’m a little biased but they were such naturals in front of the camera!

Are they not just the cutest couple?!?

I love when Jess laughs and her nose crinkles up!

I love how natural they were in front of the camera, the laughing pictures are always my favorite. Also, Jess did the cutest poses with her feet, if you haven’t noticed it then you should go back through the pictures!

Ok cute story with Ted and these pictures. Jess got a call and while she was on the phone I started taking some pictures of the brick and random things around us. Then Ted goes hey what if we took some pictures like on this stone street. And I was like ok with like both you and Jess and he was like no just me. I did a cartwheel and a little scream inside. :0) So guys if you’re ever getting your pictures taken (especially engagement or wedding pictures) just embrace it because it’ll be worth it in the end because the pictures will turn out better (and your girl will be happy).

Jess you may say you don’t have a good serious face but do you see these pictures? Umm…..gorgeous!

So this was apparently Ted’s idea to wear their Penguin & Flyers t-shirts. He was worried that I didn’t equally represent the teams (I suppose he did have reason to believe that since I’m from Pittsburgh), but as you can tell it’s pretty equal.

Jess & Ted, thank you again for letting me take your pictures! Oh I can’t wait for 10.16.11! I had such a hard time choosing which pictures to put up here because the two of you are so stinkin’ cute together! I’m a little jealous of the photographer on your wedding day because he/she is going to capture such great pictures!

Also I have to give a special thanks to Kerry for letting me borrow her camera! My D70 officially died the day before these pictures and I texted her freaking out. And like the awesome friend she is, she went out of her way to get her camera and let me borrow it. I know I would have a hard time letting someone borrow my camera so I so owe you!!

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