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June 5, 2024

Couple during Princeton Engagement Pictures

Ever since we’ve moved to Pennsylvania I’ve been wanting to photograph Princeton engagement pictures! I’d never actually been to the campus, but I’d seen pictures and I knew it would make the perfect place for gorgeous photos.

So whenever I booked Jennifer + Patrick and found out the halfway point for us would be Princeton, I instantly suggested it for their engagement pictures!

Couple walking on path in Princeton, NJ during engagement session

Before I changed my major in college to Photography & Graphic Design, I was actually in the Architectural Engineering major. Obviously I didn’t graduate in that, but I loved taking the architecture and architectural drawing classes. Because of those classes architecture is such a huge inspiration for me. Between Jennifer + Patrick being amazing in front of the camera and the architecture, I was so inspired and could have just kept exploring with them and taking pictures.

Couple kissing during Princeton Engagement Pictures

I feel like a whole part of being a photographer that no one knows about is also being a “weather forecaster”. The week leading up to a session I’m always watching the weather. In this case for these Princeton engagement pictures it kept showing rain. But I knew to wait it out and about 2 days before it showed Saturday as literally the only day without rain. Hallelujah! However, even the day before I was watching the hourly forecast because we had the session scheduled for 11am. It showed possible rain starting at 11am so the morning of the session I ended up texting Jennifer + Patrick and we started an hour earlier. There were a couple rain drops throughout the session, but it didn’t really rain until we were done. Thank goodness! I had scouted out areas that were covered and brought my big white umbrellas just in case it did rain.

Couple kissing in front of ivy wall during Princeton Engagement Pictures

Engagement ring on hand during Princeton Pictures

Couple sitting on stairs at Princeton, NJ

Couple staring at each other duing Princeton Engagement Pictures

Couple twirling and kissing during Princeton Engagement Pictures

I always love to find out the story behind the ring. Did the groom pick it out himself or did the bride help? In this case Jennifer had input and her ring is gorgeous!

Engagement ring on hand during Princeton Engagement Pictures

Couple walking next to building in Princeton, NJ engagement session

Couple kissing in archway during Princeton Engagement Pictures

Couple in archway at Princeton, NJ

I loved the cute heart leaf, I had to include it in the ring shot!

You know I love plants and a garden so I loved the mix of greenery and flowers with the architecture.

Couple in front of flowers

Couple looking at each other during Princeton Engagement Pictures

Man and woman sitting on bench for engagement session at Princeton, NJ

Couple in front of building at Princeton, NJ

Congratulations Jennifer + Patrick on your engagement! I cannot wait for your wedding day in October!

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