Friday’s Finds: Getting through Wedding Season

May 20, 2016


The truth is that wedding season destroys my body. From carrying all my gear, bending in awkward positions for the perfect shot and being on my feet for more than 10 hours during a wedding my body gets pretty banged up. I use the off season to prepare my body for the next season. But while I’m in the thick of wedding season I’ve found some favorite things that help me get through the season.

  1. Epson Salts – These are such a life saver and great relaxer. After a full day of shooting I come home to one of these baths to help wind down from the day and to relax all my muscles, especially my calfs and feet. I particularly like Dr. Teal’s with Lavender since the scent is really soothing.
  2. Vionic Shoes – I wear these shoes whenever I shoot because they literally save me days of recovery! I went to a running store last year where they watched me walk and assigned me the most wonderful tennis shoes. I didn’t know walking all day could be painless and I wanted to wear them everywhere! I really wanted the bright teal tennis shoes to be acceptable footwear at a wedding : ) Ben found this wonderful shoe company that makes shoes that, like the tennis shoes, correct how I walk. My legs and feet might be a little sore at the end of the night, but then the next day they are right back to normal. I used to not want to even stand on my feet the day after a wedding because they were so sore and it seriously took me a whole week to get back to normal. Yay for being able to walk pain free!
  3. Sunbeam Renue Heating Pad – I have a cemetery of heating pads in my nightstand drawer. I wanted a heating pad that targeted my shoulder and neck, was electric, but had a timer so I could fall asleep with it on. I finally found Sunbeam’s Renue heating pad that turns off after two hours and it wraps around the shoulders and goes up the neck. Heaven!
  4. Massaging Foot Ball – I found this little gem at the running store as well. No one wants to massage their own feet when they’re exhausted so this solves that problem. I bring it in the car so when I’m driving home from the wedding I can relieve foot pain. It mainly just massages the left foot while I’m driving, but I switch it to the right foot if I’m at a red light : ) If you have a dog you’ll want to hide it from them, Sophie thought it was a new toy for her.
  5. Simple Sugars Scrub – This is a little gross, but after a wedding the skin on the bottom of my feet just peals off. I don’t know why, I just assume it’s because all the rubbing against the shoes. Whatever the reason, the Happy Feet Peppermint Foot Scrub takes care of all the skin and leaves them so soft! Simple Sugars also has wonderful body scrubs that are for sensitive skin and are a life saver for my eczema in the winter or after shaving my legs.

Bring it on wedding season!

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  1. Asher says:

    OMG!! I love this post! Totally use 3 out of 5 of these products and they are soooooo helpful! Thanks for sharing yours!

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