Friday’s Finds

September 7, 2012

Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter are great for some awesome finds! But what’s the point of finding stuff if you can’t share it? So I would like to introduce a new segment I like to call Friday’s Finds! (Can you tell I like alliteration?)

I had a hard time looking away from this first picture. That dog looks so much like Sophie it made my heart break a little bit! Not to mention Sophie would totally work for tummy rubs. (I think I’m going to have to take a picture like this with Sophie next time I’m home!)

I do random gravity checks A LOT! During our wedding rehearsal I fell down the stairs at the front of the church while lining everyone up and landed flat on by butt. Then after the wedding Ben & I were coming back into the church to take pictures and everyone was cheering as we came down the aisle so I picked up my dress and started to run…and then I tripped on my dress and fell flat on my face…and my flowers. Luckily I wasn’t hurt and only one rose was damaged. Thankfully no one got a picture of either fall!


I want an iphone badly! My husband for the past couple months has been updating me on when the new phone is supposed to be released…until a couple of weeks ago. Last night he admitted he hasn’t told me the supposed release is September 12th because then I’d be begging for it…..I need to get a job so we can afford it. But I totally plan on texting this once I get my phone!!!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s finds! Sorry I had a little back story for each one! :0) Have a wonderful weekend!

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