April’s Goals

April 4, 2017

April 2017 Goals

A lot has happened in April! I feel like I say that every month, but whenever I look back every month there really is a lot that fills each month. At the beginning of April I helped throw a baby shower for my friend Steph and her baby boy. Spark threw Ignite, a workshop, on two different days at one of the girl’s farm house in the Poconos. (More coming in a blog post soon!) My sweet hubby gave me flowers on particularly rough day. At the end of the month I went to Philly to visit Ted, Jess & Lucy and to shoot some portraits of Lucy since she was turning one! And to top it all off my baby sister. Kristina, got engaged to her boyfriend, Phil! I’m so happy for Krissy and Phil plus I love weddings!

So I have a lot coming up in April, that will make for another full month:

Business Goals:

  • I have 5 weddings left that I second shot in 2016 to edit. I should hopefully edit 4 of them in April so I only have one left in May. It’s going to feel good having those images finished so I can update my portfolio.
  • I still need to find a couple second shooters this month for my 2017 weddings. I’m also working on a shooting guide and contract for my second shooters to use.
  • I submitted a wedding and engagement session to two different blogs so I’m just waiting to hear back. It’s been so wonderful using Two Bright Lights. It makes submitting easy!
  • I’m working on designing a sample album in April so that I can have it to show to my couples. I love having my own wedding album so much and Leather Craftsmen does such a wonderful job putting the album together. I really want my future couples to be able to see how nice they are so they can invest in one for them and their future kids to look through.
  • I start second shooting weddings on April 29th and that really kicks off the wedding season! I’m looking forward to getting back to shooting again and capturing couples’ first day as husband and wife!

Personal Goals:

  • Now that we have an outside area and with it being spring, Ben and I are working on setting it up. I got Ben a grill for his birthday, we think we found some table & chairs and we bought some seeds and soil so I can start a garden. I’m so excited to have a space for some plants and to have a space to hang outside! I just need to start the little plants inside : )
  • The Magnolia Story is such an easy read, but I’ve been going through it super slow. I love hearing Chip and Jojo’s history! I just need to finish the last couple chapters. Anyone else sad that season 4 is already over?
  • I have a schedule to finish editing my personal images from 2016 and the ones I’ve taken so far in 2017. As long as I stay on track they should be done in April. So fingers crossed!
  • We’ve put our puppy search on a bit of a hold. We’re still looking for a Yorkiepoo breeder (please let me know if you have any suggestions), but we’ve realized that it might not be the best idea to get a puppy and then go on 3 vacations this summer. So it’ll give us more time to find the perfect little ball of fluff for us!
  • Some fun things I have coming up are a baby shower, my niece’s birthday, and we’re going to Pittsburgh for Easter! I’m excited to go home and there’s also going to be an engagement party to celebrate Krissy and Phil! I can’t wait to give them a big old hug and start wedding planning!

Happy spring!

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