December’s Goals

December 2, 2016


The 2016 wedding season is done! Oh hallelujah! I love weddings, but it is nice to have a little bit of a break to regroup and recoup. I finished editing all of my engagement sessions right before Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to have that all done and just be able to enjoy time with family and friends. Ben and I did the whirlwind tour of visiting his family and my family in three days. (I got to hold my niece Olivia pretty much all of Thanksgiving!) It was so good to see everybody : ) We’ve already decorated the new apartment for Christmas. Although I wasn’t really in the mood to decorate because we just unpacked so much. But we finally have a real size Christmas tree since we have room now!

Now it’s December… the most wonderful time of year! Here’s what’s going on this month:

  • Business Goals:
    • I have one more session left to edit and then I should be done for 2016. I have a bunch of images that I took over 2016 and promised to eventually get to people, but that’ll probably have to wait until 2017. I’m really having a hard time working at my desk when there’s so many fun Christmas things to do!
    • I got 2 weddings set up to submit to blogs in November! I hit a little snag in actually trying to submit them, but it’ll definitely happen in December!
    • I think I may have finally finished buying things for my new office. Once I get everything in I’ll be able to finally put it all together… but it’s getting there. I’m excited to do a blog post and share how cute it is!
    • I need to start transferring everything from my current computer to my new MacBook Pro. I haven’t had a new computer since college so I’m super thrilled! I just forgot how much work it is setting up a new computer. Ben has taken care of all the programs, but getting all my preferences set and transferring files is kind of annoying : /
  • Personal Goals:
    • I’m almost done buying Christmas gifts… yes, that’s right I’m almost done! The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were good to me. Plus now we have so many packages coming to our door : ) I just have two people left to buy gifts for and I’ll be done.
    • I’m waiting for my Christmas cards that I ordered to be delivered. Once those arrive I’ll be a busy girl!
    • I have so many cookies to make! So many, that I actually scheduled when I was making them. But it’s ok because I love doing it… as long as there’s Christmas music or a movie playing.
    • We have lots of fun things planned for December: Seeing the Rockettes (Thanks to my friend Mekina!), Christmas parties, going Newport to see the houses decorated for Christmas, a cookie swap, presents to wrap, family & friends to see and so much more! Yayyyy!!

Happy Holidays!

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