January’s Goals

January 5, 2016

Januarys Goals

Whew! December flew on by since it was so busy! I’m sure everyone else probably had a busy December too with the holidays. Ben and I put up Christmas decorations, which I refuse to take down for a little longer since it makes our apartment feel so cozy. We sent out gifts to my 2015 Bride & Grooms and Christmas cards to our friends and family. (Last year we did postcards and they were almost all returned to us, this year only 1 did! Success!) We got so many Christmas cards back from family and friends that they’re in three spots in our apartment… it made me so happy to see all the cards in the mail : ) My baby sister, Kristina, and her boyfriend, Phil, came to visit us the weekend before Christmas and we did the whirlwind tour of NYC’s sights and Christmas decorations. Kristina’s Fitbit read that we did 19,000 steps that day! Then Bend and I did the tour of Pennsylvania over Christmas break to see both of our families and friends. (I got to see my 3 best friends on 3 different days in a row!) Then we came back to New York and for the 3rd year celebrated New Year’s Eve with our friends in Stamford, CT. Like I said it was busy, but it was filled with lots of fun, love, family and friends!!

As you know, I took the month of December off from blogging, which was a really great break and gave me some much needed time to accomplish some of December’s goals. I plan on blogging in January again and I have some other goals for January:

  • Business Goals:
    • I’m still working behind the scenes on SEO and updating the website with new material. I’d like to finish it by the end of January.
    • I’d like to work through a little more of the course I purchased to help organize the business and myself.
    • I have my first wedding of 2016 in Pittsburgh! I’m excited to start shooting again and Ben is going to come along and help me with my gear. I love when he comes and helps me : )
  • Personal Goals:
    • My Health – I have an update! I found out the answer to the pain I’ve been having in my right shoulder and down my arm and to my fingers… I have a herniated disc. I’m having surgery on it on January 21st, so if you think of it say a little prayer for me that day. So the rest of January and into February will be all about recovering. It’s an outpatient surgery so it should be pretty easy, but it’s my first time having surgery so I’m a little nervous. But I should be able to get back to working on the computer within a week, I just can’t lift anything more than 10 pounds for 6-8 weeks.
    • Fitbit – I got a Fitbit for Christmas and now I’m determined to get my steps in everyday!
  • Fun Goals:
    • Baby Shower – One of my best friends is having a baby in April so we’re throwing a baby shower for her in February! My main goal, is to get a lot of the decorations I’m making for it done before my surgery.
    • Spark – I get together with a group of female Christian photographers to focus on faith and community. We haven’t got together since August so I’m looking forward to seeing the girls again!! Message me if you’re a female photographer that would be interested in coming sometime!

So here’s to a productive and restful January!

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