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July 1, 2016

July, Monthly Goals, Cassady K Photography

Yay for it officially being summer! We’re actually leaving for vacation with my family in Florida tomorrow!! But today is an exciting day too because I’m shooting Meriel + James‘ wedding!

June was a fun month filled with weddings, a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the rose garden, visiting our new niece Hailey, strawberry picking, strawberry jelly making, sewing, a new hair cut/color and a visit home to Pittsburgh. Brianna + Eric’s wedding was the perfect excuse for us to take a couple days off and visit our family and of course play with (and secretly feed lots of marshmallows to) my best friend’s daughter, Elle.

Well I’m not going to get much done while I’m sitting on the beach, but here are my goals for July when I do get back to New York:

  • Business Goals:
    • Website Updates – I actually finished these in June! Hallelujah! I still have one or two lingering items to fix, but I think I’m going to wait until August to do those.
    • I thought June was going to be a busy month of traveling and weddings, but I think July is going to be even crazier! I actually don’t even think we’re going to be home for half of it. I’m already feeling exhausted just thinking about it!
    • Images – There is just always images to edit…. always. I’m just going to try and stay on top of my client’s wedding images this month. Everything else will just have to be backed up to the server and I’ll get to it in August.
  • Personal Goals:
    • Exercise – My physical therapist doesn’t want me to run because she thinks it’ll jar around my neck too much, but she does want me to start walking. Looks like I need to start getting up early to walk or later at night to avoid the heat.
    • Pain Management – Speaking of physical therapy, I’m really starting to see a change in the pain of my neck and shoulders. The PT has given me lots of useful tools to help my posture and now they’re starting to work on my strength. It’s been wonderful to actually sit at my desk and work for awhile and not be in constant pain.
    • I have one more secret project to finish this month. I’m almost halfway done too!
    • Fun Goals – I know I said I wasn’t going to get anything done while I’m on vacation, but I am going to relax. And that’s a really good goal : ) Other than trying to relax during a crazy month, I’m also celebrating my birthday (I call it Cassady Day since I don’t want to acknowledge that I’m getting older), going to Philly on Ben’s business trip to visit my friend, Jess, and her little girl, Lucy, and then I’m going back home to Pittsburgh to shoot another wedding and to meet Elle’s new little sister!

Happy July!

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