June’s Goals

June 3, 2016


May was a good month for enjoying spring and getting outside. I was able to meet Lucy Rey and take some portraits of her not only with my camera, but we had some fun with Snapchat filters : ) My sister decided last minute to come and visit for her birthday. We had a wonderful day in the city and even got to eat lunch at The Boathouse in Central Park – Bucket List: Check! Plus Ben and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by going to Newport, RI and touring all the mansions and beautiful cliff walk.

I’m looking at my calendar now and June just seems to be filled up, but I don’t know with what! There’s just going to be a lot to do to prepare for July since that’s going to be really crazy. But I’m just going to focus on June for now:

  • Business Goals:
    • Website Updates – So close to being done!! I’m hoping to launch the updated site next week.
    • June is going to be a busy month with traveling, weddings and gearing up for a crazy July. I’m really hoping to just stay on top of blog posts, editing images and all the behind the scenes stuff so I can go into July as ready as possible.
    • Speaking of editing images, I’ve got a back log of images to edit. I was doing so well with staying on top of my images and then May hit and once again I feel like I’m drowning in image files. So my main goal for June, besides the website, is to get back on top of all the files.
  • Personal Goals:
    • There was not much exercise in May. It’s either been cold and rainy or scorching hot so I seemed to always make up some reason to not go out an walk. We did a lot of walking in Newport and it only seemed to emphasize how I’m not used to being on my feet. We’re planning on going to France next year so I’m really going to have to get serious about walking and training my body.
    • I’ve started going to a new pain management doctor and physical therapist for my neck and shoulder pain. I’m re-learning how to hold my head, sit up straight and even shoot my camera properly. I’m really hoping this will all help with the pain. I really don’t want to be a hunched over lady when I’m in my 30’s lol ; )
    • I have 2 personal projects that I want to finish in June. I can’t say what they are, but I’m really ready to finish them so my dining room can stop being my craft room.
    • Fun Goals – More babies are being born and I get to meet my new little niece, Hailey Rose, tomorrow! I want to go to the New York Botanical Gardens again since the roses are now in bloom and have a picnic. I’m also hoping to get to a pool and get some sun!

Bring it on June! : )

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