March’s Goals

March 3, 2017

March 2017 Goals

February was stuffed with a lot of fun! Benny turned 30! I threw him a surprise party with all our family and a lot of our friends at his parent’s house. Then we celebrated his actual birthday by going out to dinner with NY friends and I made my first (and last) cheesecake. I got Ben a grill for his birthday so we tried it out on one of the beautiful days in February. Then I flew out to Pittsburgh while Ben went to a conference in San Francisco. In Pittsburgh I went to the zoo with the 3 Amigas (plus the kiddos) on a 77° day in February…crazy! I got to see a lot of my family, we moved my dad’s electrical business to a new building and I had a Mommy-Daughter date with my Momma. I brought my family’s dog, Sophie, with me as much as I could (I need all of the puppy time I can get) and even thought about bringing her back on the plane with me… but my Dad would not have been happy with me. Ben will finally get back from his conference tonight!

I’m a scheduler, if you haven’t noticed, and I already have March pretty stuffed full. Here are March’s goals:

Business Goals:

  • I’m continuing to edit the weddings that I assisted other photographers with in 2016. And I’ve even posted a couple of them on the blog. I’m going to continue editing and posting the weddings on the blog in March. I had forgot how gorgeous some of the weddings were until I started going through them!
  • Our taxes are done for 2016! It all went very smoothly thanks to my very organized husband. Now I just have to continue to keep everything organized in Quickbooks.
  • I have found 2nd shooters for most of 2017 weddings! I have just a couple more to fill. I always have Ben as a back up second shooter, but it feels good to get second shooters lined up.
  • I’ve been continuing to submit weddings and engagement sessions to some blogs and I’m just waiting to hear back from them. I have a wedding engagement session that I want to submit in March, I’m just trying to find the perfect blogs to submit to.
  • This month Spark is holding a free workshop for photographers. The seats went really quickly and I’m so excited to help with it! I love getting together with my Spark girls and I’m excited to meet more photographers : )

Personal Goals:

  • We’ve been researching puppies!!!!! I really want to get a Yorkie and Poodle mix (aka a Yorkiepoo). We found my family’s dog, Sophie, so haphazardly that all of this research seems overwhelming. Plus we really want to get our puppy from a good home and it’s so hard to tell on some of these websites where the puppies are being raised. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Since we’ve been looking more into puppies, I really need to finish Brandon McMillan’s Lucky Dog Lessons. 
  • Speaking of books, I borrowed The Magnolia Story from my sister and I’m loving it! It’s such an easy read and I love Chip & Jo’s story! We’re hopefully going to get to visit Waco, TX this summer!
  • Ok the editing of my personal images was going really well for awhile and then I went to Pittsburgh and everything got put on hold. Plus I took more pictures. So I’m feeling a little behind again and I really want my family and friends to have their pictures. I know I’m not going to get all caught up this month, but I’d like to make some progress.
  • This Sunday is my friend’s, Stephanie, baby shower that I’ve helped out with a little bit. I’m making some of the decorations and cupcakes and I’m really excited to see how everything comes together!

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