May’s Goals

May 2, 2017

May's Goals

April was all about going home to Pittsburgh for Easter. We were only in Pittsburgh for a couple of days, but we crammed a lot into that little weekend. Phil’s family had an engagement party for him and my sister, Kristina, on Good Friday. Our cousins visited us and we all dyed Easter eggs on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to church and had Easter lunch with my family, Grr and aunt & uncle. (I flew my kite with my Grr and got it stuck in a tree.) In the evening my best friend, Chelsy, and her family came to visit. We had an egg hunt for Elle and Cece was adorable and fell asleep in my lap : ) The next weekend Ben and I visited his family for our niece, Anna’s, 10th birthday. I went into NYC for Spark’s headshot swap in the cherry blossoms. I also spent some time this month planting and taking care of our little baby plants.

In May we’re going to be home in New York more so I’m hoping to accomplish more:

Business Goals:

  • Wedding season has begun! I started second shooting in April and I have three more in May.
  • I have found all my second shooters for this year! Woo hoo! I had Ben read over my documents that I created for my second shooters so I just need to make those edits in May and then I’m ready for my second shooters.
  • I finished designing my sample album and I love it so much! I’m hoping to order it in the next week or two and then I can’t wait to share it with all of you : )
  • Since I’ll be out shooting a lot this month I just really want to stay on top of culling through my images. Plus I’m excited to blog the images!

Personal Goals:

  • Our little outdoor space is coming together! We have a grill, table, chairs, and I’m working on getting our planters together. I started some of the little plants inside, but it’s about time to move them outside… I’m just so afraid they’re all going to die! They’ve become my little babies : )
  • Can I just say I’m sorry to any family or friends that I owe pictures to. I try my best to edit them at night, but I’m usually so sick of working on the computer that I just need a break. I am slowly getting through editing my personal images, I’m just bummed it’s taking me so long.
  • At the end of the month Ben and I are going to be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary! So crazy! It feels like we’ve been married for maybe 2 year, but somehow it’s FIVE YEARS! We’re going to be going to Texas to celebrate our anniversary and for a friend’s wedding. I’ve never been further west then Illinois, so I’m excited to do some traveling! We’re going to be visiting a lot of fun places : )

Happy May!

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