November’s Goals

November 4, 2015

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Well Fall was fully embraced in October. Ben and I went apple picking with friends and I decorated our apartment with lots of pumpkins and ghords. Ben joined me at the first Bar Mitzvah I’ve shot. I also got to travel back to Pittsburgh and watch a Penn State game with Sophie, have a Mommy-Daughter date and carve a Steeler pumpkin for my mom (Sophie sniffed and licked the pumpkin… I think she liked it). So it was overall a pretty good month.

Oh boy was October busy, I shot a lot and thus have a lot of pictures! So November is really going to be about going through all of those images.

  • Business Goals:
    • The SEO is progressing. The company I’m working with is definitely helping, I just need to find time to start implementing everything.
    • Like I said, I have a lot of pictures to go through. I’m trying to stay on top them so I can deliver them all on time.
    • I’m second shooting two more times in November and then I’m done for 2015. This girl is definitely ready for a break!
  • Personal Goals:
    • I’m trying to get ahead of Christmas this year. I’m always behind and rush ordering stuff so this year I have most of my gift ideas ready… now to get ordering.
    • Exercising is not going so well. In fact, I’ve become a little bit of hermit during the week so I can get editing done. I’d really like to get moving in November and work out twice a week.
  • Fun Goals: 
    • I did all my fun goals in October except eat a caramel apple. Ben bought some caramel so I  plan on enjoying a couple of them.
    • Of course there’s Thanksgiving this month. We have a friends’ Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving with Ben’s family, and then the day after we celebrate Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family at Thanksmas.

Here’s to November!

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