October’s Goals

October 4, 2016

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September was really stuffed full, but it was a lot of fun! Ben and I had a couple day get away in Cape May, NJ. It was really a great time to be unplugged from the business/life and just hang out on the beach together. I got to catch up with a good amount of friends and Face Time with my best friend, Jess, and her cute little girl, Lucy. My parents visited for a couple of days and we got lost in Central Park, toured the 9/11 Museum, ate dinner along the Hudson River, showed them our church and visited Stone Barns. We also met our newest niece, Olivia, who fell right asleep in Ben’s arms and looked so peaceful. Finally I filled our apartment with as many of my favorite flowers, Zinnias, as possible since they were in bloom!

I have an exciting announcement that is going to keep us pretty busy all of October… we’re moving!! We found a new apartment just a little north of where we live now that will give Ben a shorter commute to work, I’ll have a designated office and MOST IMPORTANTLY I can finally get a puppy!!! There are lots of other perks, but I’ll share those once we get the apartment together and I can share some pictures. : ) For now, it’s just going to be a lot of work and living between two apartments. Thank goodness we have a month to move and I have Ben!

  • Business Goals:
    • The goal is to get all of my couples’ images finished this month.
    • I didn’t get a chance to submit my work like I wanted to in September so I’d like to try and submit a couple of weddings in October.
    • I have not been doing very good at trying to take breaks while I work to relieve my neck and shoulders. We did get a new monitor that has allowed me to stop leaning forward to see details while editing which has helped. I want to keep going to physical therapy and try to take more breaks while I work. Overall though I think my neck and shoulders have been doing better.
    • I know it’s not going to be all done at once, but I’d like to get the necessary stuff in my office put together in the new apartment. The decorating is going to have to wait until November (although decorating is always my favorite part and the first thing I want to do). I just ordered my new desk and it got me super excited to set up my office!
  • Personal Goals:
    • I’m going to try and embrace the fall as much as I can, although I still get mad at each tree that I see changing. I’ve been having a hard time with how cloudy New York has been lately and it’s really not getting me ready for the winter.
    • My anxiety has been pretty well managed this past month. However, I haven’t been meditating as much because I haven’t felt as anxious. So I want to meditate more often to continue to keep my anxiety at bay and to also help me through the move. Ben is an amazing husband and is taking on most of the moving, but I overthink things/like to plan everything and my little brain can’t stop thinking about the move. I think meditating will help clear my head… at least for the minutes when I meditate.
    • My sister and her boyfriend are visiting this month! I’m excited to see them and to get to do fun things in NYC with them. Plus, then I get to go home to Pittsburgh when they drive back. I haven’t been to Pittsburgh since July and I’m really missing my family, friends and of course our family dog.

Here we go October!

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