September’s Goals

September 8, 2016


How in the world is it already September?!? I cannot believe how fast the months are going by! With each weekend filled to capacity it just makes time fly on by. In August we were able to visit Ben’s family for our nephew’s birthday and then our nieces and nephew came to visit NYC and do some shopping at the American Girl and Lego stores. We went sailing for an evening with friends and went to a 1920’s jazz picnic on Governor’s Island and even got dressed up for it. Oh and in between all of that I shot a lot and edited like crazy.

I’m sure September will go by just as quickly since each weekend is booked and I still have plenty of editing too. So amidst all of the craziness here’s what I’m going to try and get done:

  • Business Goals:
    • Editing… always editing. But there is a light, although it’s a very tiny light, at the end of the tunnel.
    • I have an on going list of little things that I need to get done for the business, but really only the things that need to get done right away actually get done during the busy season. So besides editing, my main goal for September is to submit some of my recent work to blogs.
  • Personal Goals:
    • I’ve been meditating a couple of times a week and it definitely helps. There’s just something about taking a couple minutes to yourself and forgetting about everything that needs to get done. I’ve really been trying to work on my stress and anxiety levels and meditation helps so I’d like to continue this in September.
    • I’m still doing physical therapy which is what’s been getting me through all of the editing. Shooting can cause my neck and shoulder pain, but it’s really the sitting at the desk all day staring at the screen. I try to take breaks and stretch throughout the day, but it’s still hard on my body. I’m really trying to get into a rhythm of working and taking breaks. I find that I tend to still resort to my past office schedule where lunch was my only break from the computer.
    • I’ve been trying to get  together with some friends this past month with failed attempts so I’m really going to try to make it happen in September.
    • I guess since it’s September I should embrace the autumn, but the truth is I’m not ready to. We just got back from Cape May and I’m trying to do as much as I can to stretch the summer out. My parents are coming to visit in a couple weekends as well which will be fun. We go to Pittsburgh a good amount so it makes me happy when my family comes to visit me : )

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