2017 Behind the Scenes Favorites

January 23, 2018

In 2017 I began incorporating second shooters in my collections which has meant a lot more behind the scenes shots 🙂 I love sharing these shots because as a photographer I do so much more than just shoot on a wedding day or during a session. I love how much I get to serve my couples and families while I’m shooting them by hopefully making them feel beautiful and special. So check out a few of my 2017 behind the scenes favorites!

I do a lot of dress fluffing and placing on wedding days.

I am also an expert at getting veils in or out of hair. I put extra bobby pins in my hair and hairbands on my wrist in case the bride or any bridesmaids need them. I’ve had a veil blow off of a bride’s head and I had a groom’s father use one of my hairbands to expand the collar of his shirt.

I’m kind of a perfectionist.

Sometimes I carefully step into flower beds for the perfect ring shot and I’ve also been known to comfort flower girls.

I never thought I’d wipe off a duck’s feet during a styled shoot. I’m actually scared of birds.

I do my best to keep everyone on time! That’s why I love timelines!

I really try to remain hidden during ceremonies, but sometimes you have to go into the aisle for the exchanging of rings, first kiss and exit.

I try not to be too bossy, but I don’t mind getting loud to direct a big bridal party. And I get so happy when I get the perfect shot!

I really try not to be, but I tend to be on the clumsier side. I always save the camera first! (Thanks to my friend, Mekina, for getting this shot.)

I really try to travel light, but the truth is I need a lot of equipment during the day and I keep backups of all my gear with me. I could not live without my ThinkTank and ShootSac. They’ve made my life so much easier!

Sometimes I set my office up as a little studio to take pictures of the albums I design.

I am so thankful to all my second shooters that helped me out in 2017. Rosemary was the best!

I always love working with Mekina!

Robert helped me out so much! Angie also helped me out this year, but it was my first wedding of the year and I didn’t think to get any pictures of us. 🙁

My favorite second shooter though, is Benny! Look how good he looks with a camera! Ow owww!

I wish he could shoot every wedding and session with me, he’s so helpful and so sweet. Plus he gets really great shots!

He’s great at moving cats out of the way for me.

He’s also great with kiddos and helps me get them ready for shots.

Plus he makes sure all my gear is set up and working, it make my life so much easier!

I love shooting receptions because I’m done keeping everyone on schedule and directing. I get to observe and just take pictures.

Unless there’s a big group picture, then I have to try and get everyone’s attention. Hello, look at me with the big mouth!!!

I loved that I got to shoot these rings again on the macaroons at the receptions!

Working hard has it’s perks, like dessert at the wedding receptions and Starbucks after an engagement session.

I never thought that one of my jobs would be showing my couples how to cut their wedding cake. hahaha

When I get the chance I like to dance a little at the reception if I have some friends that are guests or are in the bridal party.

I’ve had so much fun looking back through all of these behind the scene pictures! I can’t wait to see what crazy things happen in 2018!

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