20th Anniversary of Pappap

July 21, 2015

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 1It’s been 20 years since we lost my Pappap. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long ago and I was only 8. I remember him as one of the hardest workers I know, loving, caring, funny, goofy and deeply devoted to his family.

My Pappap had his own business in bricklaying. He build their house when my dad was just a little kid. He did really beautiful work.

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 2

He wasn’t the type of grandpa that sat in his recliner and complained…. well actually he did do that, but only after he got on the floor, played with us and got us all riled up.

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 3

We always loved visiting my Pappap and Grammy because we knew it would be a fun time and they would spoil us 🙂

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 4

I credit my love for flying kites to my Pappap and my Dad (left). And yes, that little blonde on the right is me 🙂

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 5

I don’t think my Pappap could ever sit still. Even when we went on vacation he would collect rocks and sticks from the beach and make some sort of creation with the glue and paint he brought. (My dad was only a couple years older than I am now in this picture…crazy!)

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 6

I love how happy my Grr looks in this picture, her and my Pappap really loved their family. I don’t know how she has made it through everything, especially now that I’m married and realize how strong of a connection marriage really is. She is such a strong woman and God has truly led her through some rough times. (Just a note, my eyes look funny in this picture because they were swollen from a bee sting I took to the eye….I just really love this picture of my grandparents so I used it.)

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 7

20 years later and he is still missed everyday. But I feel like I have a little bit of Pappap in my dad…sometimes it’s scary how alike they are.

20th Anniversary of Pappap - 8

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  1. Grrr says:

    Wonderful pictures, Cassady. It was a nice walk down memory lane. Hit my heart strings. Love you!

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