November 21, 2014

On Tuesday I spent over 8 hours driving to Pittsburgh… it’s wonderful to be home! Nothing beats the feeling of pulling in the driveway and seeing your family at the door and your puppy running up to greet you.

As I said in my previous post, I’ve decided, especially during this month of thanksgiving, to focus on what I’ve been given after my pastor preached on the abundance God has given us. This week I am so thankful for my business, not just because it gives me the freedom to travel home. (But it’s a nice bonus) I feel like Cassady K Photography is the extension of myself that gives me the permission I need to be creative and explore. I’m not sure that really makes sense but it’s the best way I can describe it. I have waited yearssssss to finally be in a job I love. Where my job doesn’t feel like work and I feel like this is what I was made to do…. when I’m behind my camera at a wedding that’s the feeling I get. (I’ve even texted Ben during weddings saying this is what I was made for!)

I’ve never been happier, even though owning your own business can have it’s hurdles and stresses. And when Monday rolls around, I’m not dreading it like I used to, I’m excited for what’s to come!

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