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February 9, 2012

So you may remember a little while ago I mentioned that Katelyn James took Ben and my engagement pictures. (Which are absolutely wonderful and still look at everyday!) You may also remember that I was totally star-struck…I know I’m silly. But the truth is she has been a huge inspiration with my photography.

I guess you could say I started out with the typical photographer story…I’ve always been the creative type. I had all the art supplies a kid could want and that included a camera. I took so many pictures my parents would watch how many pictures I took when I had my camera. They would get frustrated with me and refuse to develop my film….oh good old film! I used to love to create project with the pictures I took and all my art supplies. For awhile I even said that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up…but I was “encouraged” to find a job that would pay well by adults.

I went from wanting to being a teacher to a veterinarian, to an architect and finally to an engineer. I was accepted into the engineering school at Penn State. I worked my freshman and sophomore year at entering the architectural engineering program but found that what subjects used to come natural to me made absolutely no sense. I became friends with my friend Kerry, who was in the photography program, and I became very jealous of her classes. She showed me how I could rent a DLSR for three days at a time. I got to know the media department very well, I went every three days for a half a year to rent a camera my sophomore year. At the end of my sophomore year I realized that God had gently been guiding me away from engineering. I finally came to the realization that the only reason I was staying in engineering was for the potential of more money.

The summer after my sophomore year I changed my major to photography and graphic design. Two other big changes began at that same time: One, I started dating Ben who supported me in my photography and graphic design. Two, I discovered Katelyn’s blog while surfing Facebook. Katelyn showed me that I could incorporate both of my talents together. I learned so much about photography and graphic design at Penn State that I was excited to graduate just to start using what I’d learned. Plus I was sick of photographing Penn State.

Since graduating I have slowly been growing Cassady K Photography while working as a marketing assistant full-time. I started my photography with my sister’s senior pictures and has since grown by word of mouth. I started a Facebook page and then Each year I have received a couple more senior pictures and engagement pictures and shot a wedding but my goal is for Cassady K Photography to continue to grow. I will be moving to New York with Ben at the end of May once we are married. Ben is such a wonderful man and wants me to find a job that I love, whether that be my photography or another job. (I’m hoping for photography!) So if anyone knows someone in New York who needs some pictures taken…or likes making friends let me know!

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