Central Park Trip | New York City, NY

September 2, 2014

A couple weekends ago Ben and I went to Central Park on a Sunday to just relax. The only problem was Ben chose the day after I shot a wedding… my feet were shot and I was exhausted. But Ben pushed and I of course gave in… it was something I had been wanting to do this summer and he kept saying we’d just find a spot and relax.

The problem was Ben suggested I bring my camera, and when I bring my camera I want to take pictures. Plus I still had the wide angle lens that I had rented. So instead of hanging out on our blanket the whole time we walked for the sake of the pictures 🙂

Do you see the statue through the railing?

I’m a 27 Dresses fan and so I of course wanted to see the Boat House.

Remember that bridge in the first picture? That’s where we’re standing in this picture. A huge cloud came and created some really sweet lighting.

And then all of a sudden the cloud left and we had perfect light for a selfie with the wide angle

As Ben was looking at the map he found a little castle in the park and mentioned going up there another time, but I wanted the pictures so I drug my tired little feet up the path.

It was a little thing, but it was cute. We just missed it being open so we’re planning on going again so I can go to the top of the castle and look out that cute round window.

Look at the picture from the courtyard of the castle… so worth the walk!

Somehow, even with Ben’s navigation skills, we got lost in the park and managed to end up at the Boat House again. We found a good spot and finally plopped down to this view. We thought about renting a rowboat but the line was crazy long.

I like to look at all the puppies. This Maltese reminded me of my Grandma’s last dog Molly. And that tunnel is gorgeous! I want to shoot a bride underneath it!!

When you’re stuffed in a little apartment with out a balcony you appreciate the time you do get to be outside. I loved just looking at the trees.

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