May 16, 2014

I started to write this post last Friday and then I chickened out. Instead I did the exact thing that I was going to write about and just posted a little quote to cover up how exactly I was feeling. So here it is again because I feel like I need to remind myself and maybe someone else needs to see this.

I struggle with this every day. I turn on my mac and instantly open up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the many blogs that I follow. And instead of feeling inspired and ready to take on the day, I instantly feel defeated. I look at everyone’s “life” on social media and compare myself. And I put “life” in quotations because usually what is shared is the best of everyone’s world: promotions, new babies, funny jokes, cute outfits, groups of friends, perfect dinners etc. I’m at fault too, if you look further on in this blog and on my social media you’ll see only the pictures I want you to see. Because no one wants the world to see their “messiness”, heck it’s hard to even share it with your family and friends.

So from now on I’m embracing my “messiness” and I’m going to try to stop comparing it to everyone’s best!

  • My apartment is not normally clean, I usually have piles of things to do scattered through out the apartment.
  • I can’t cook very well, but I can make you pasta or a grilled cheese.
  • I can’t spell very well and I’m awful with grammar.
  • I don’t exercise or eat very healthy, but I say I’m going to start all the time.
  • I wear old t-shirts and sweatpants most days and don’t bother to put on makeup or dry my hair.
  • I purposely chip off my nail polish all the time.
  • I procrastinate.
  • Quitting my job and starting this photography business scares me, but when I take photographs I know it’s what I’m supposed to do.

Yes, I’ll probably still post how I want people to view my life, but I’m going to try to incorporate some “messiness” and try to stop comparing myself to everyone’s best. Here’s to feeling a little free-er!

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