March 11, 2016


I try to work a standard 8 hours a day on my business during the week. The times might slightly vary, but in general I want to have a similar schedule to Ben so that when he comes home from work I’m done working and can enjoy the evenings and weekends with him. I know and have seen how having a business can suck you in to working odd hours and too many hours so I try to stay in control.

Because that’s a big reason why I wanted to go into business for myself and work from home… so I could be in control. I like to have control, I feel comfortable when I’m in control. But in trying to have control of my schedule, business, and circumstances I’ve realized that I’m actually controlling and limiting myself from what I initially set out to do and what God has planned for me.

I slept in yesterday and instead of waking up feeling relaxed and ready for the day, I felt stressed that I had waisted 2 hours on sleep. I tried to start working, but instead the 70 degree weather called out to me.

Instead my brain said, “No, you already waisted part of your day so you can’t go outside. Get to work and make the time left in your day productive.”

And then it hit me – I don’t need to be productive all the time. In fact, it’s ok to not be productive every waking moment. I’ve been so busy trying to control my life so that others see me as productive and don’t question what I do that I’ve forgotten the whole point of why I wanted this job and life at home… to enjoy it! So with no pressing deadlines, I went outside for an hour long walk around our neighborhood. I said hi to neighbors, pet passing dogs, watched some very impressive squirrels do gymnastics onto tree branches and enjoyed seeing the little crocuses that have popped up. The amazing thing is that I came home energized and the three hours that I lost in sleeping and being outside I more than made up for!

So this is me: I work from home and yes I do actually get work done. But because I work from home my schedule looks different. Others may see it as unproductive and at times even lazy, but I see it as enjoying the life God has given me and that my husband has allowed me to fully embrace! And I’m a lot happier person because of it : )

Happy Friday! Take some time to enjoy yourself and NOT be productive!

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