Florida Family Vacation 2017 Longboat Key, Florida

August 23, 2017

As I’m writing about my family vacation to Florida in July, we’re actually in the Outer Banks on Ben’s family’s vacation. I feel pretty spoiled, but also so thankful that we get along with both of our families so well that we can go on week long trips with them.

Our vacation to Florida started off by getting up at 3:00am. We ran a half mile, with all our luggage, to catch a train, then a bus, another bus and finally the plane. I had shot a wedding the day before and we were exhausted. I slept the whole time on the plane, but it was so worth it when we saw the view from our window and my family.

This was the last night my sisters and I were all in our twenties.

Monday was my 30th birthday and I decided all I wanted was to be with my family all day. We rented a boat that took us out in the bay to an island and then a sandbar.

One of the highlights was seeing a momma dolphin and her baby.

The sandbar was full of sand dollars and some other really big shells.

For dinner we went out to my favorite restaurant, The Colombia, in St. Armands Circle. They have the best salad and sangria.

My parents got me a beautiful silver anchor necklace form Tiffany’s!! It’s my favorite!

Another one of my requests for my birthday was that my family take a family picture. I’m such a photographer. haha

My sisters 🙂

We went back to our timeshare to eat my favorite cake from Publix that we get every year. Half chocolate cake and half Moose Tracks ice cream!

The rest of our vacation pretty much consisted of going from the pool to the beach. My family takes over the pool.

My sister got me a donut inner tube, I love it!

There are so many beautiful seashells in Longboat Key and I want them all. I always bring way too many of them home. The butterfly ones, or coquinas, are my favorite.

Benny even helps me collect seashells, he’s such a good husband to me.

My family always hangs out on the beach to watch the sunset after dinner.

Such a cool panoramic shot from my phone.

A lot of my family plays volleyball, I take pictures of them playing volleyball.

Very nice form.

Karate kicking the volleyball is always a great idea.

So I put my hands up! They’re playing my song, the butterflies fly away. Noddin’ my head like “yeah.”…. I couldn’t help it.

Even Stormie got to try and serve.

Those boys are always showing off.

Family picture!

There are some really beautiful sunsets in Longboat Key.

The one day we had a thunderstorm and I actually caught a streak of lightening.

We had to leave a day early to get back so I could shoot another wedding. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone while they were in the pool, but it made it a little easier when it started raining on our way to the airport.

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