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February 3, 2017

CKP_8900Facebook often gives me the “On This Day” pictures that I’ve posted over the years. I’ve realized recently that most of them are from college because that’s when it was cool to upload every single photo you took into an album. That’s also when Facebook limited you to 50 images in an album so I have so many albums from college. But recently I haven’t had time to edit all my personal images right away to post and Facebook just isn’t as fun as it was in college. I do like to show some of my personal pictures and my life so I thought a year end review of my favorite memories/pictures from 2016 would be the best.

2016 felt like the year of babies. You know how after college there’s the wave of your friends getting married? Well apparently about 5 years later there’s the baby wave. So 2016 started with celebrating Jess + Ted’s little one.

Favorite 2016 Images_3

Both of my best friends, Chelsy & Jess, were pregnant in this picture we took at the shower.

Favorite 2016 Images_4

Ben and I got a great Groupon for rock climbing for a month. We learned how to belay each other and it was really a great way to help pass the winter. I still wish we were doing it.

Favorite 2016 Images_5

My Valentine’s present was a pink & purple fish that I named Valentino. He was my buddy for six months and entertain me as I work. Sadly 6 months later he decided to jump out of his tank while we were gone : (

Favorite 2016 Images_6

Jess had her daughter, Lucy, in the beginning of April and Chels and I managed to both visit at the same time.

Favorite 2016 Images_8

Favorite 2016 Images_9

My cousin, Timmy, got married so it was fun to go back home, see my family and shoot his wedding.

Favorite 2016 Images_10

All dressed up for Easter!

Favorite 2016 Images_11

Aren’t my nieces and nephews just the cutest?

Favorite 2016 Images_12

Favorite 2016 Images_13

We were members of the New York Botanical Garden’s and went several times. The roses were my favorite.

Favorite 2016 Images_14

Favorite 2016 Images_15

My sister, Kristina, decided last minute to come for her birthday with her friend Brittany. We did some NYC sightseeing and I took them to the Boat House in Central Park for brunch!

Favorite 2016 Images_16

Ben and I went to Newport for a couple days for a get away. The cliff walk is just stunning.

Favorite 2016 Images_17

We also got a year membership and toured as many of the houses as possible.

Favorite 2016 Images_18

Favorite 2016 Images_19

Favorite 2016 Images_20

Favorite 2016 Images_22

We went to Kilwin’s a couple of times for some of the best moose tracks ice cream!

Favorite 2016 Images_23

Favorite 2016 Images_24

Our niece Hailey was born in June.

Favorite 2016 Images_26

We went back another time to Pittsburgh to shoot my sister’s best friend’s wedding.

Favorite 2016 Images_27

While we were home in Pittsburgh I got to see Chelsy again and her little girl, Elle. Elle and Ben have a special bond.

Favorite 2016 Images_28

Aunt Cassady may have spoiled Elle with marshmallows : )

Favorite 2016 Images_29

We also took my family’s dogs for walks and on the way back to NY Ben and I picked a lot of Strawberries near Penn State.

Favorite 2016 Images_30

We went to Florida for my family’s annual vacation. There was lots of time spent on the beach.

Favorite 2016 Images_31

Favorite 2016 Images_32

Favorite 2016 Images_33

Favorite 2016 Images_34

The day after we got back from Florida it was my birthday so we went down into Central Park for dinner at Tavern on the Green with some of our really good friends.

Favorite 2016 Images_36

Favorite 2016 Images_37

My nieces and nephew came to visit for a day so we could go to the American Girl store and the Lego store.

Favorite 2016 Images_38

Ben and I made yet another trip back to Pittsburgh to shoot a wedding and I got to meet Chelsy’s new little girl, Cece.

Favorite 2016 Images_39

Elle does not like saying good bye, but we did give each other fist bumps through the window.

Favorite 2016 Images_40

I swear this was the hottest day I’ve ever lived through. We went to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island with Tricia, George and some other friends on a 103 degree day. My knee caps were even sweating.

Favorite 2016 Images_41

I don’t know how people danced, besides these pictures I pretty much sat the entire day.

Favorite 2016 Images_42

Oh man do I love sailing! We went on evening ride out of Stamford with George and Tricia.

Favorite 2016 Images_43

Favorite 2016 Images_44

I managed to see Lucy another time while Ben had business in Philly. (Please excuse the poor picture quality from my phone.)

Favorite 2016 Images_45

My parents came to visit for a couple of days!

Favorite 2016 Images_46

We made it to the 9/11 Museum.

Favorite 2016 Images_47

And the final baby of 2016 was born – my niece, Olivia.

Favorite 2016 Images_48

Kristina came to visit again with her boyfriend, Phil and we had to go to Rolf’s to see all of the Christmas decorations.

Favorite 2016 Images_49

I made a quick trip home to Pittsburgh again in October because I was missing my family and my girls! Sophie came with me to visit Chelsy, Elle & Cece. Elle liked to imitate everything Sophie did.

Favorite 2016 Images_50

We also went to a pumpkin patch!

Favorite 2016 Images_51

Sophie’s Halloween costume.

Favorite 2016 Images_52

At the end of October we moved out of our apartment of 4.5 years in Mount Vernon to Pleasantville.

Favorite 2016 Images_53

We spent Thanksgiving with Ben’s family and took our annual Christmas card picture.

Favorite 2016 Images_55

My nephew, Ezra, loves his little sister, Olivia.

Favorite 2016 Images_56Miss Hailey Rose is getting so big!
Favorite 2016 Images_54

We spent the day after Thanksgiving or Thanksmas with my Mom’s family and celebrated Christmas. My Grammy bought us all matching PJs.

Favorite 2016 Images_57

My dad and Uncle Keith were like the two grumpy old men puppets from The Muppets.

Favorite 2016 Images_58

Thanks to my friend Mekina, Ben and I made it into the city to see The Rockettes and we also swung by to take a look at the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Favorite 2016 Images_59

Ben and I took another little trip to Newport so that we could see the houses decorated for Christmas since we still had our membership.

Favorite 2016 Images_60

And Kilwin’s didn’t have their moose tracks ice cream, but they had the most amazing peppermint ice cream I’ve ever had!

Favorite 2016 Images_61

Favorite 2016 Images_62

The rest of December was filled with lots of Christmas preparation and Ben & I accidentally wore Christmas colors one day which called for a selfie.

Favorite 2016 Images_63

I attended some holiday parties, including the Spark Christmas party!

Favorite 2016 Images_64

Jess came with Lucy and visited for a day! Lucy obviously loved her new book.

Favorite 2016 Images_65

We spent Christmas Eve with Ben’s family.

Favorite 2016 Images_66

Ben will say he’s not great with kids, but if you quietly watch you’ll find out that they gravitate to him.

Favorite 2016 Images_67

Hailey’s first Christmas!

Favorite 2016 Images_68

We drove to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve night and Shug was very happy to see me!

Favorite 2016 Images_69

Christmas morning started with Mimosas!

Favorite 2016 Images_70

Christmas morning was really all about the dogs.

Favorite 2016 Images_71

We like to throw Sophie’s new toys into the huge pile of empty boxes and wrapping paper and see if she can find her toy.

Favorite 2016 Images_72

Favorite 2016 Images_73

The Steelers played on Christmas day so I obviously had to represent.

Favorite 2016 Images_74

Our friends Kate & Jordan surprised everyone and flew in from France for Christmas. We were so happy that we could visit with them even if it was just for a couple of hours.

Favorite 2016 Images_75

And I got to meet Judah, Kate & Jordan’s son that was born in June! So I lied, there was another baby in 2016… 5 babies!!

Favorite 2016 Images_76

The 3 amigas were able to get together too!

Favorite 2016 Images_77

I love Lucy!

Favorite 2016 Images_78

Cece doesn’t seem to be so sure about Lucy. I can’t wait to pull out this picture one day when they’re in high school and still friends.

Favorite 2016 Images_79

Like I said, Ben & Elle have a special bond.

Favorite 2016 Images_80

I introduced Elle to my favorite movie, Cinderella, and it was like she was in a trance : )

Favorite 2016 Images_81

Sophie was not happy that I took her outside in the snow for a couple of pictures. By the way, this is my computer’s background because she just looks so cute with her fur blowing and that little bit of snow below her mouth.

Favorite 2016 Images_82

We went to dinner with our friends George, Tricia, Christine and Jonathan and then all rang in the new year together!

Favorite 2016 Images_83

Favorite 2016 Images_84

Have a wonderful weekend!

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