Friday’s Finds

January 31, 2015


I have some more Friday’s finds for you today! These really are some things I’ve been loving lately that have just made my life easier, prettier and a little more fun.




1. BIC Intensity Pens – I’m a pen kind of girl, especially if it comes in pink ink. I have so many pink pens and markers it’s ridiculous, but I use them! So what I look for in a pen is a fine tip that writes smooth and doesn’t bleed through paper. I’ve recently fell in love with felt tip pens so BIC’s Intensity Pens are perfect and they come in a lot more colors than shown.

2. Erin Condren Life Planner – I picked out the planner I wanted last year, Whitney English’s Day Designer, but the planners sold out so quickly every time they restocked them that I couldn’t time it right to order one. So In mid January I went on the hunt for a new planner. I knew I was going to spend a good amount on one so I did research. The fact is it needed to be cute and well-designed. The Life Planner is just that.

It is set up pretty standard, but really how many ways can you design a calendar/planner? What I do like:

  • The graphics, colors and quotes. Plus you can totally customize it or get one that’s ready to go.
  • The monthly calendars have big squares for each day. Plus there’s a side on the right to add any additional notes for the month, perfect for to-do’s that just need to get done at some point in the month.
  • The amount of room there is to write for each day on the weekly pages. Each day is divided into 3 sections- morning, day and night – this is a great way to organize my entire day because it’s hard for me to plan out each hour of the day and actually follow through. Plus there are spaces below each day to write additional planning like blog schedules, meal plannings, and any other to do’s for a day. This page also has space all along the left size for additional notes and goals for the week.
  • I love, love, love the extra paper towards the back. There’s both lined paper and blank paper with some pretty designs. This is really great for organizing and planning out events, like my sister’s shower, and the business, like re-branding and future goals.
  • There are a lot of stickers! The Life Planner comes with four pages of stickers, plus I bought extra 🙂 Half of the stickers are already printed for birthdays, appointments, vacations and other events and the other half is blank.


  • There are two folder pockets and a zip-lock clear pocket for all my loose paper, receipts, mail… you know the stuff that just somehow builds up over the year.
  • There’s a clear ruler/page holder that snaps on and off and is included with the planner.
  • I love the gold glitter elastic band to hold it all together, but you do have to buy it separate and doesn’t actually attach to the planner so I’m afraid it may get lost whenever I take it off.


  • I love this Forget-Me-Not Perpetual Calendar & Contacts booklet that also comes with the Life Planner. It is so perfect for filling out next year’s planner 🙂


3. Kinetic Sand – The phone call to my mom started off like this, “So I know you’re going to make fun of me, but there’s something I really want for Christmas that you totally know I’ll use.” She did make fun of me, but she still gave me Brookstone’s Sand and all the accessories for Christmas. And I do totally use the sand 🙂 It sits right on our coffee table and I love to use all the molds to make sand castles while I watch tv. Bonus, it doesn’t dry out, but I’m going to be spoiled the next time I go to the beach.

I didn’t include this with the numbers, but I’m also really loving bud vases. This one was actually my Grr’s (that’s my grandma) so it’s extra special. I love to use the the baby’s breath that remains when the other flowers die in the bouquets Ben surprises me with… he’s a good husband 🙂


Happy weekend!


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