Girl’s Day in NYC

August 12, 2014

I absolutely love when people visit us! We’re just a 20 minute train ride into Grand Central which is a pretty sweet setup. So when my sister-in-law mentioned that she’d like to bring her girls to the city to go to the American Girl Place I was in!

My sisters and I began our American Girl collection when we were around my nieces’ age. It’s been awesome to see Anna and Katelyn kind of follow in our footsteps 🙂 Although we never went to the American Girl Place… so I may have enjoyed this trip a little too.

This was a girls only day and let me tell you it was filled with lots of girly activities… and now that I look through the pictures, lots of pink!

We started the day by getting the girls’ dolls hair done. I watched as lots of girls brought their AG dolls in with what my mom would call a “rats nest”. They would strap them into the salon chair and let me tell you the employees worked on the dolls’ hair until it looked new!

Katelyn isn’t old enough to have an AG doll but she loves her Ruby just the same and her hair showed it. But Ruby got the AG treatment and looked new again!

So many choices! The girls came with a plan but the store was still a little overwhelming with 3 floors of shopping.

It was a good day of shopping!

Since they were in the city we visited a couple spots on the way back to the car, like Rockefeller Plaza.

Anna and Katelyn with their Momma! (My sister-in-law, Elizabeth)

Selfie at Rockefeller Plaza!

The girls with their Momma and Grandma (my mother-in-law, Ingrid).

There are some talllllll buildings!

This may be my favorite picture with them!

We stopped by Radio City. There was a big line outside of it which I found out later was for America’s Got Talent.

You can have a tea party at the American Girl Place, but I got my sisters and my old china tea set (that our Aunt and Uncle got us as kids) so that we could have a tea party at the apartment!

The dolls joined in for the tea party and wore their new outfits 🙂 I even got out my old AG doll, Molly, to join the party.

I showed the girls how the dolls got their own plates so they could eat too.

I had some sugar cubes which the girls just decided to eat with a tiny bit of tea. A good aunt always sugars up her nieces 🙂

I also showed them how to drink their tea with their pinky up!

It was definitely a good day!

As I was cleaning up Katelyn came in and asked if she could help… how sweet is that? So I tied one of my aprons on her and put her to work 🙂

So if anyone else wants to visit I can set up a tea party for you 😉

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