Go Big or Go Home

July 15, 2011

I did it.

I decided to stop wasting time and either put myself out there or just stop. I went to Akron a couple months ago to hear Jasmine Star speak and she stressed the importance of getting a website and how it took her business to the next level. At the time I was in the middle of designing a website so I was all pumped up and was like a week or two and that I’ll have a website. I bought the URL and put up a “Coming Soon” sign and just needed to finish the site. Well it’s been like 4 months now and guess what the site still looks the same. I had all of these good intentions and I did all kinds of research but in the end other things took precedence.

Jasmine promoted a company called ShowIt that you can use to design websites (she uses it for her amazing website). Even though she was offering the first month free I was like I don’t need to pay the extra money when I can build a perfectly good site myself. BIG MISTAKE! I found I wasted more time trying to build a site where everything kept changing (I took more pictures of clients I wanted to showcase, contact information changed, I re-worded text, etc.) and then I got frustrated by the changes and just stopped because I didn’t want to put an OK website up. But I have broke down and admitted my defeat. ShowIt is amazing and what took me months to develop in Flash I finished in a week on ShowIt.

So I wanted to officially announce my new website: CassadyKPhotography.com

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