How did this happen?

May 23, 2014

When my mom told me she was pregnant at the age of 5 I was not happy. I remember sitting at the kitchen table and just being furious at my parents. I didn’t understand how they would want another one in the family when the four of us was were so perfect together. I know it’s crazy that I remember that so vividly. But then little Kristina was born and I didn’t want to let anyone else hold her in the hospital. She was my little sister and I was going to protect her.

And she was a terror of a little sister, especially when Maddy and I had our specific ways to play that she would ruin. Plus she was a little monkey that seriously climbed and got into everything! But I still felt this overwhelming need to protect her and yes maybe even to raise her 🙂 My mom told me all the time, “You are not her mother, I am.”

Somehow over time we started to grow up and all three of us fought like sisters do over friends, clothes, rooms and other ridiculous things. But our mom always reminded us, “they’re your only sisters that you have.” If we had only been friends we’d probably had gone our separate ways, but that bond of beings sisters made us work things out, understand each others sides and we became the best of friends over time. And over that time we somehow grew up and my baby sister got older. That little girl in the sunglasses is 21 today! How did that happen?

So, to my baby sister, happy 21st birthday! I love you and am amazed at how much you’ve grown up. I remember when you were just a baby I would wonder how your voice would sound when you started to talk and got older. (I know that’s a weird thought.) But your voice has become strong, loving, funny and sensitive all at the same time.

I know you’re 21 now but you’re always going to be my baby sister and I think I’m going to always want to protect you 🙂

Happy 21st Birthday Kristina!

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