January’s Goals

January 9, 2015

Cassady K Photography, Outter Banks, BeachOh winter is no longer fun to me! I can manage it through Christmas because it’s a fun season. But once January 2nd hits I’m over winter. Thankfully this year I’m working from home so I can stay bundled and warm and just dream of being back on the beach.



So in order to keep me somewhat motivated through January, here are my goals:

  • Website Updates: The new blog and website are live!! What do you think? Now to update everything else with the new logo!
  • Blogging: I got a little off with the holidays, but I’m ready for 2015!
  • Image Organization: Christmas images need to be edited and organized, then I need to start on past years!
  • Yoga: Ok, I didn’t do this at all in December, but I’ve already started doing yoga in January. I took walking totally off the table because I do not deal well with the cold! But I’m going to continue yoga throughout January in hopes that it helps manage my migraines!
  • Fun Goals: In December I did get to make and ice A LOT of cookies. We did a whole tour of NYC at Christmas so I definitely got to see the the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, but we didn’t go ice skating in Central Park (it’s ok, I’ve done it twice and I still might go to Bryant Park to ice skate). Christmas day was a warm one, but my family still made a fire and sweat it out since it’s tradition lol.  And I definitely cuddled with Sophie, she used to fight it, but now she knows it’s coming and to deal with it 🙂 Is it sad that I don’t have any fun goals for January? I really just want to stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate!


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