Milky Way Farm

September 26, 2012

So a couple of weekends ago I went to visit my family down in Downingtown, PA and we decided to go and see the farm my cousin works at. It’s a cute little farm called Milky Way Farm. I left my camera in the car because I thought do I really need to take pictures of a farm? Well then I saw the baby cows (I know they’re called a calf but I like baby cow better!)….and I had to run back to the car cause I’m a sucker. It really is a beautiful farm and it sits on a wonderful piece of property.

Now I don’t know much about tractors…well really I don’t know anything about tractors but I thought this was a nice collection. I liked the John Deere ones.

This is the original barn, they’ve made some adjustments but I just love the old stone work and those barn doors….gorgeous!! I would so love to put a bride and groom in front of them!

So this farm has some really innovative technology. They’ve trained their cows to go into this machine by themselves usually 2 or 3 times a day. The machine automatically sets up to milk them and also tracks which cow it is, how many times a day it goes in to milk and what their milk is like so if there’s something wrong it notifies the farmer. Apparently the cows have a trend and usually go in at the same times every day.

Since my cousin works at the farm the farmer gave a tour to us which was so sweet. This cow’s name is Sadie!

BABY COWS!! There were about 5 of them and they were so adorable! Apparently they also like to suck your fingers which I didn’t try but my sister did!

They had a couple other animals around the farm but this farm is mainly a dairy farm and they have a delicious creamery! Well I didn’t actually eat the ice cream (lactosse intolerant!) but my family said it was good!

I loved visiting the farm and taking pictures but I could never be a farmer!

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