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April 22, 2017

Apartment Tour_1

Benny and I actually began moving into our new place in October. We had everything officially in the apartment by the end of October. It just seems like I’ve been slowly moving stuff around until everything found a home. So I’m excited to finally show our place off!

We were so fortunate that basically all of our furniture in our old place worked in our new place.

Apartment Tour_2

I’m not saying I’m the best at decorating, but I really love playing around with it. I have a couple extra boxes of vases and other things to decorate with that I keep around so I can move things around whenever I need a change.

Apartment Tour_3

This is what’s right above our couch. I love a gallery wall : )

Apartment Tour_4

While we have more storage at this apartment we still have to be creative with storage.

Apartment Tour_5

One of the things that attracted me to this apartment was that it recently been all renovated. It’s so nice knowing that we’re the first ones to use the kitchen, bathroom and washing machine. Oh and that was another thing that I loved about this apartment, we have our own laundry machine right there behind that white door. It’s the little things : )

Apartment Tour_6

My pink (Raspberry Ice) KitchenAid blender and mixer are my favorite thing from our wedding registry. I’ve created a little smoothie station with my blender since I make one pretty much every day and I’ve named my mixer Stella : )

Apartment Tour_7

I love all of our stainless steel appliances. I feel so spoiled.

Apartment Tour_8

I love my plants, any windows that can hold them has them. We even have little seedlings started in egg cartons around the apartment (I hid them from the pictures). We have an outdoor space that we just got some patio furniture for. I’m hoping to have a little garden and some planters as well.

Apartment Tour_9

Our table even fit!

Apartment Tour_10

Apartment Tour_11

We had a navy blue accent wall behind our bed in our old apartment that I really miss. That accent wall was such a pain for Ben to paint over when we left that he didn’t want to do the same thing at this apartment.

Apartment Tour_12

Apartment Tour_13

We don’t have a headboard for our bed so we use this floating shelf as the focal point instead.

Apartment Tour_14

We’re on the second floor of a house so when I saw this extra space in the gable I knew it would be the perfect place to do my makeup. This desk was the only new piece of furniture that we purchased from Wayfair. It came with two little stools that we keep at the end of our bed as sort of a bench since the desk sits in front of our heater. Then I purchased the three baskets to use as drawers from the Container Store.

Apartment Tour_15

Apartment Tour_16A closer up of my makeup desk. The big photo frame actually opens up and all of my jewelry is stored inside of it. I often find myself staring at all the pictures while I get ready… it has all my favorite people in it : )

Apartment Tour_17

My dresser that I’ve had since I was a little girl.

Apartment Tour_18

Finally this is the little space at the top of the stairs where you enter our apartment. I love these slider boards that came from Pottery Barn. I had them above my desk with a chalkboard (now in our kitchen) at our old place, but I think it works great as a place for us to drop our keys and mail off when we come in the door.

Apartment Tour_19

There’s one more space that I haven’t shared in this post because I think it deserves it’s own blog post… my office! That’s coming next week so check back!

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