Adams’ Family Vacation | Outer Banks, North Carolina

August 1, 2014

Ben and I have been very lucky this summer, we got to go on a vacation with each of our families. We were only back in New York for a week after Florida and then we left for the Outer Banks.

We rented a big house right on the sound so that each family had their own room.

The OBX has some beautiful views and cute little creatures.

Plus we got to hang out with these cuties all week 🙂 We did not have much luck with our sand castle between the tide and Will.

Let me warn you now, there are lots of pictures my nieces and nephews…because I mean look at them!

We definitely do more on the OBX vacation then when we’re on the Florida vacation. Towards the beginning of the week we went to visit the lighthouse in Carolla. Will and Katelyn were excited that they were tall enough to climb the stairs.

There were a lot of stairs for me… and I don’t have little legs!

Katelyn was a little sad because when she looked over the edge her new hat flew off and landed on the roof of the house below. The staff was nice enough to get the ladder out retrieve it for us.

The time after lunch was supposed to be rest time for the kiddos.

The house came with bikes, beach toys, beach chairs and kayaks… which the kids were excited to go out in with their dad.

We also went on a nature walk… but let’s be honest, I just went to take pictures 🙂

Like father like son… at least Will didn’t follow when his dad jumped in on a bet.

We took pictures on the beach…. well a lot of pictures.

Aren’t my nieces and nephew adorable?

When the lifeguard is away…

I’m glad Katelyn got her hat back because she looks pretty darn cute in it!

We really had beautiful sunsets from our balcony.

My nieces got to stay up a little later one night and we all went out to look for ghost crabs.

And finally, the best picture from the week!

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