She knew what I was doing and she wasn’t having any part of it.

March 26, 2011

“Come here Sophie, come on baby,” she didn’t budge and she sat as far away from me with her back turned.  She knows she has me wrapped around her finger…or paw…and with Sophie it is her way or you have to force her into your way.  So I stomped across the yard and put her on the picnic table. Then it was a struggle between how quickly i could force her to lay down and snap a picture.

I have made Sophie hate the camera. As soon as I pull the camera out she turns her head the other direction and if I do get a picture she blinks, just like Benjamin.  How is it that my two favorite subjects, Benjamin & Sophie, are both blinkers.  Benjamin I can coax into taking a picture; Sophie not so much.  Oh well I love both of my blinkers!

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