Woodland Baby Shower

March 17, 2017

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_1Our friends Dave & Steph are expecting a little baby boy this May! A couple of weekends ago Steph’s mom along with her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and myself threw her a woodland baby shower at her parent’s home. Steph picked out a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest that could be incorporated into both the shower and the nursery.

Cute invitations from Etsy.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_2

Steph’s mom, Terri, got all of these cute little animal finger puppets that we placed all over the house.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_3

I had never heard of a diaper raffle, but it was such a great way to stock Dave & Steph up with diapers and give out a couple of prizes.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_4

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_5

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_6

Steph’s parent’s house has some rustic elements so it was a great setting for the shower.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_7

Terri had come across this verse and blanket and wanted to make sure it was incorporated into the shower.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_8

Terri also found all of these cute little bird ornaments to put on a tree next to the scripture.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_9

The mama and baby bird are my favorite.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_10

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_11

Steph had found¬†these signs on Pinterest and I knew I could design them and make them myself. I’m excited that she plans on putting them in the nursery!

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_12

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_13

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_14

We all pulled out anything rustic or kind of woodsy that we could find at our houses.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_15

The woodland theme continued throughout the whole house, even into the kitchen.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_16

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_17

We used burlap and Terri found all kinds of wood slabs to decorate the main table.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_18

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_19

Steph’s sister-in-law, Becky, made a cute little porcupine cheese ball!

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_20

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_21

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_22

Terri also went out that morning and cut some branches from her pine trees and holly bushes that we used to fill in the decorations.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_23

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_24

Becky also made this cute sign!

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_25

Mmmm dessert! There was Magnolia’s Banana pudding, Pistachio pudding and I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_26

Another Pinterest idea was the little antlers in the cupcakes! I used my Cricut that I got for Christmas to cut out all the little antlers.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_27

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_28

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_29

Steph also wanted a hot chocolate bar! Steph’s dad made Hershey’s hot chocolate recipe (Who knew that it’s on the back of their baking cocoa package?) and it was delicious!

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_30

Steph’s parent’s are so wonderful at hosting people at their house. They host a lot of events for our church as well and they have the perfect house that can hold a lot of people. Plus they’re just sweet people who love having people over.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_31

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_32

There were even more women to the left and right in this picture that you can’t see.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_33

Steph and her family are also from Pittsburgh (although we met in NY) so the Terrible Towel had to make an appearance : )

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_34

One of the very talented women at our church painted that canvas and it went so well with Terri’s scripture.

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_35

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_36

Steph’s mother-in-law (Sue), Dave, Steph, her mother (Terri), and two sister-in-laws (Becky & Sam).

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_37

And finally the parents to be! Ben and I are so looking forward to meeting Baby Stradling!

Baby Shower_Boy_Woodland_Animal_38

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