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May 10, 2022

Baby boy laying in basket asleep with green gauze fabric over him during Bellefonte Home Newborn Pictures in Centre County

When it comes to newborn sessions my favorite place to photograph them are at home. It’s where everyone is most comfortable: mom is usually recovering,  it’s where the baby has spent most of their first days, and let’s be honest where everyone is just trying to learn what their new family looks like and how it functions.

I usually look around when I first enter the house. Which rooms would have the best light and background? Usually I aim for the nursery, the parents’ bedroom, or a living room. I will move items, furniture, clean up a room, or anything else to give us the cleanest, simplest background.

Newborns don’t have much of a schedule so the goal is really just to keep them fed and warm and they’ll usually sleep or be drowsy through most of the session. Allowing time for the babies to calm down or fall asleep is one of the hardest parts for parents, but one of the most important. I always have other tools and ideas up my sleeve that I use to keep babies as calm as possible, and I’ve become quite good at swaddling. 🙂

I love to use natural light so I’m always looking for windows where I can get the most natural light. However, I do have portable lighting that I also bring with me just in case I can’t find natural light or it isn’t bright enough. I’ve done a lot of research and learning to be able to replicate natural light as best as possible.

Parents hold miracle baby during Bellefonte Home Newborn Pictures in Centre County, PA

These Bellefonte home newborn pictures were photographed for Megan, a friend of mine, and her husband, Byron. I also photographed their wedding almost 9 years ago. (It’s hard to believe I’ve been in business for that long!) I’m best friends with her older sister and Megan is my middle sister’s age. So Megan is like my little sister. We grew up all playing dolls and house together. It was funny that day as I was taking pictures of her son and changing him, it felt like “playing dolls” but with her real baby!

Peter made quite the entrance into the world and gave us a real scare with Megan. You can read about their miracle baby boy and how we’re thankful that both Peter and Megan are with us. But they are both doing well and since January Peter has put on an additional 6 pounds.

New father holding son during Bellefonte Home Newborn Pictures with family photographer Cassady K Photography in PA

Megan likes Harry Potter and thanks to a friend who made the flying key mobile and Byron’s mother’s crocheting (the golden snitch, the sorting hat, and the golden snitch blanket) she was able to put together a Harry Potter nursery.

Harry Potter Nursery with crocheted golden snitch, sorting hat, and flying key mobile during Bellefonte Home Newborn PicturesBaby boy in Harry Potter Nursery with crocheted golden snitch during Bellefonte Home Newborn PicturesNew mother kissing son during Bellefonte Home Newborn Pictures with family photographer Cassady K Photography in PA

Byron’s mom also crocheted this Mickey outfit which is just too cute! You know I love me some Mickey!

Baby boy in crocheted Mickey Mouse outfit during Bellefonte Home Newborn Pictures in Centre County, PA

My main goal during a newborn session is to get some photographs of just the baby and all their little details. (I do not usually provide any props or outfits unless it is longer than an hour session. I will use swaddles if the family doesn’t have any.) And then to get pictures of the baby with their parents. I think it is so important to get those family pictures early on and to capture just how small your baby was in your arms or holding your finger.

Parent's hold son's tiny hands during Bellefonte Home Newborn Pictures in Centre County, PA

Congratulation Megan + Byron on your sweet, miracle baby boy! I am so happy for the two of you! I loved photographing your new family and seeing what amazing parents you are already to Peter.

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