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May 12, 2015

Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_1Oh my gosh this little red head has stolen my heart! Elle is my best friend’s beautiful 8 month daughter. She is growing up so fast and already has the red headed, firecracker personality! I’m sure she’ll have stolen your heart by the end of this post too.


How cute is this nautical outfit with the sailboats and bows?!?


I know I’m biased, but she could so be a baby model! Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_3

How cute are her 2 little teeth?Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_4


Those cheeks!Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_6

This was the first time for sunglasses and of course Elle had to first make sure they weren’t edible. We also had to teach her to open her eyes when the sunglasses were on and to look through the lenses. I’d never thought about having to teach that to a baby before, it’s so cute to watch them figure things out.


Oh I can’t resist that cry face! So adorable!


Like I said she’s a firecracker and she can turn that cry face to a smile in an instant!



Elle is crawling now and pulling herself up so the rocking chair was a great way to make her stay still! She was too busy trying to keep her balance instead of crawling! (Her Momma and I were right by her side the entire time to make sure she didn’t fall off. Safety first!)Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_11

We were so excited to find out Elle was a girl when Chelsy was pregnant and said we would have so much fun dressing her up like a doll… well we definitely did just that for this shoot 🙂


This headband was huge on her when she was a newborn, but now it’s perfect!Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_13

Elle likes looking at her mobile. I found out in editing these pictures that the crystals from the mobile put little shimmery dots all over her… it was a lot of fun for editing 🙂Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_14

How cute is her nursery? I love it!Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_15

Not only is the crib good for sleeping, but it’s also great to suck on.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_16


Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_18Such a little princess!


Elle knows how to get Chelsy’s attention, but I mean how could you resist that cry face?


Oh I loooove this tutu!! Once again, I’m biased since I got this for Elle for her baby shower….. but SERIOUSLY!


Oh my gosh the diaper bum with the tutu!!


Looking through these images just makes me want to snuggle her. Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_23

At Elle’s newborn session this tutu looked a little big on her….now it’s perfect 🙂Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_24

This just may be my favorite picture from the whole day! I love how it looks like she’s having a serious conversation with her giraffe 🙂Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_25

Chelsy and her brother used this cradle.



This cradle is good to suck on too.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_28

After a nap and some food we went outside for some more pictures.


Elle usually loves to look at herself in the mirror… I think she was little confused that the mirror was underneath her.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_30

How cute is that ice cream cone dress?



Whip is Elle’s big brother and he takes his job very seriously. He follows her everywhere and if she makes a sound he is right there to investigate. I really love to watch how gentle he is with her and how they play together.


It looks like we caught them right in the middle of trouble 🙂Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_34

Big Brother wants the tulip.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_35

And Big Brother destroyed the tulip.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_36

This was Jonathan’s (Elle’s daddy) little bench when he was a child, now look at the big girl sitting on it!



I was able to spend the day with Chelsy, Elle and Whip and capture what their everyday looks like. I think it’s important to document those moments too since they can be so easily forgotten.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_40

Elle has started eating food now and she loves bananas.


Elle loves her WubbaNub and the tv.


I mean Elle really loves her WubbaNub and tv.

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We tried some boots on Elle, but they were a little too big… they’ll be better for her 1 year old pictures.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_43

Apparently you can distract dogs and babies with the same high-pitched, goo-goo-ga-ga noises. And to right I’ve deemed this picture: Elle’s stink face 🙂

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She also loves eating her toys.


And we’ll end on this picture because it’s just so precious. I’ve loved watching how easily my best friend has slipped into motherhood. But then again she didn’t really slip into it, this was clearly what she was meant to do.Baby_Portrait_Photography_8-Months_Pittsburgh_Pennsylvania_PA_Cassady-K-Photography_47

So has Elle stole your heart too?

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