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February 16, 2018

I really enjoyed hanging out and shooting Jackie, Dan and Connor during their Lasdon Park family session. I felt honored to preserve this time in their life while Connor is two. They were all smiles and laughs which made my job so easy.

I really loved this greenhouse, even if we couldn’t go in it too shoot because it was so misty. The weather cooperated with us and it was actually a warm enough day where they could manage without coats, but where there was still snow on the ground so everything didn’t look dead.

So sweet!

I love shooting kids, but it can be a little more challenging to get them to look at the camera or smile. Luckily I brought my secret weapon, Ben. Kids just seem to love my husband and even if he won’t admit it, he’s really good with them. Connor loved the “spider” that Ben kept putting on my head and when all else failed I told Connor that a dinosaur was going to land on my camera.

Connor loves both of his parents, so he wasn’t too keen on some pictures by himself.

I can’t help it, I just have a thing for shooting hands. I feel like it’s such a sweet detail to remember. I mean look how little Connor’s hands are!

I like to try and get some pictures of the parents too. Let’s face it, most of the time one of them is behind the camera so it’s hard to get pictures together.

I found out that Connor loves Taylor Swift. So even with my terrible singing voice, singing “Shake it Off” got me smiles.

I love this one!

Ben was sweet enough to play with Connor for a couple of minutes so that I could snag a couple of pictures with just Jackie and Dan. (I told you he’s my secret weapon!)

I love these ones with the blanket! They’re so sweet!

We got Connor in on some of the blanket snuggles too!

I love this one too!

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