Meet the Baily Family

August 3, 2011

No they’re not from It’s A Wonderful Life…I wonder how many times they’ve heard that!

Deanne, my second cousin, contacted me and asked if while we were in Florida I could take family pictures for her. I of course agreed because Ron and her have three of the cutest blonde-haired boys: Drew, Matthew and Derek…and well the backdrop was the beach! Plus I just love pictures…in case you haven’t noticed! :0)

So check out their family pictures because they’re so cute and summer-ie!

The boys were so well behaved throughout the whole shoot…even when I kept calling them the wrong names! Now I know how my mother feels when she mixes my sisters and my names up.

I love getting the natural shots of families interacting, they end up being so genuine and usually my favorites!

We bribed the boys to behave through the posed pictures by saying they could play in the ocean if they behaved.

Note to Self: Bribery works well with kids :0)


So once we were all finished with the boys we let them go back to their room so we could get some shots of Deanne and Ron!

Deanne I know you said you weren’t photogenic, but you were so wrong!

Oh how these pictures make me miss Florida and all of the family!

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