I’ll Admit I May Be Biased…

August 27, 2012

But aren’t my nieces and nephew just the cutest kids!? While we were in Outer Banks this year my sister-in-law (I have a sister-in-law!!! I’m so grown up! Ah!) asked if I would help her get pictures of her son for his 11 month picture. Well of course I immediately said yes :0) So we took him up to the sand dunes and snapped a couple of pictures which turned out surprisingly well since earlier in the day he got a little cranky when we put him in the sand.

Look at those little sandy toes!

Then on the last day of vacation I followed them over to the sound side to take pictures while they flew a kite. Well there ended up being a piece missing from the kite so instead we just took pictures. Which of course I didn’t mind because look at these kids, they are so photogenic!

I’m sorry I just love little kids feet and toes! And do you see my nephew’s shirt? It says “Beware I bite”! So cute…but probably more applicable to his sister :0)

This picture of the girls makes me think of my sisters and I. We love to look back at old pictures of us in our matching outfits and reminisce. I feel like this will be one of the pictures they’ll look back on one day.

They just pose so perfectly!

See I told you they’re the cutest!

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