Senior Session: Roy

October 19, 2011

Well I think my life may actually slow down for like a millisecond… well until Christmas comes around. But in between working and weddings I’ve been trying to get through all my pictures because I take a lot.

So welcome to the blog Roy. I took his senior pictures a little bit ago and I have to say it was a learning experience for me. All the senior pictures I took this year were of girls and while I did take pictures of some guys in engagement pictures, let’s be honest the girl is still the main focus in most of the pictures. So I did some research because I didn’t want to give Roy girly poses. (Poor guy, the whole time I asked if what I was doing was too girly.)

He was pretty much a natural right from the start.

FYI: If I take your pictures I probably will make a fool out of myself. Like climbing down into a little creek to get the angle I wanted.

This church with the arches and stone are my favorite. Plus add Petey, my 35mm at f/1.2 and I’m one happy girl :0)

Roy was so cooperative, I asked if we could walk through Sewickley so we could get some pictures in front of different doors and windows and he agreed even though there were people walking by.

Roy, I am so sorry it took me so long to post these pictures. I hope you enjoyed! Good luck with your senior year!

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