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November 21, 2017

I have lots of favorite parts to a wedding day and one of them is when the bride has a copy of her invitation suite so I can style it with her other details. A little secret that you might not know about me is that I’m also a graphic designer. (I studied it at Penn State and it was my full-time job before I went full time with photography). I really feel like the wedding invitation suite is what sets the tone for a wedding. It’s the preview to a wedding and what gets the guests excited for a wedding. So when Basic Invite asked if I’d be interested in doing a sponsored post for them I was excited to get my hands on some of their invitation suites and see the quality of their paper and printing.

In fact, I decided to do a little styled shoot with all of the Basic Invite invitations they sent me. I even ordered a couple extra invitations so I could experience the designing process on their website.

On a wedding day, I have a short amount of time to lay out a wedding suite with the details from the bride and some extra ribbon I may bring. I really enjoyed taking my time gathering details and laying out each invitation for this styled shoot.

I tested Basic Invite‘s website by ordering this floral watercolor invitation suite. Once you select a design from their 200 wedding invitation sets, you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 color options. As a graphic designer, I really loved that I could change so many things and that there was an instant preview online to see each change I made.

Not only does Basic Invite have so many print color options for the cards, but they have over 40 envelope color options. White envelopes are included for each card, but colored envelopes really pop with white invitations and in the mailbox. (An extra bonus is the envelopes are peel and seal. No licking envelopes!)

Oh and as far as addressing all those envelopes, Basic Invite has a free address collection service. Yup, I said FREE! I know I spent so much time addressing each of my envelopes for my wedding so that my penmanship would look as neat as possible, this would have been so much easier.

I thought this invitation suite was really different, it’s clear! They also have real wood invitation suites. I think the different materials for invitations can really set weddings apart.

If you’re not so sure about a clear invitation or would like to see what the colors look like printed, Basic Invite offers custom samples on all their invitations. They’re actually one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation. You can hold it, see the colors and feel the paper quality before you place a final order for all of your invitations. Just make sure you leave enough time to order the samples, get them in the mail and then order your final invitation order.

Is anyone else in love with the foil printing like I am? I think it makes an invitation look so rich and classic! Basic Invite offers gold, silver and even rose gold on their foil line.

Definitely check out Basic Invite if you’re ordering wedding invitations or even Christmas cards… they do that too! And make sure to order a set of your invitation suite for your wedding photographer for them to photograph! (And if I’m your wedding photographer, I’ll do a happy dance when I get to photograph it!)

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This blog post was sponsored by Basic Invite.

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