Try It Tuesday: Ring Dish

March 10, 2015

I have been looking for a ring dish since I got engaged. I love my rings, but I tend to take them off whenever I’m doing work around the apartment or putting lotion on… I just don’t want my rings to get all gunked up. The only problem is sometimes I put them in a place that I “know I’ll remember” and then of course I forget. I never take my rings off outside of the apartment, but it still really freaks me out whenever I can’t find my rings. I couldn’t find a ring dish I liked, but then I saw an idea on Pinterest that also let me personalize my ring dish.

Most of the ring dishes I was looking at were over $20, but I only spent $3 on my DIY one. You’ll need:

  • Clay (in whatever color you’d like) – $2
  • Doily (I used paper, but the lace makes a better imprint) – $1
  • Rolling Pin
  • Parchment or Wax Paper
  • X-Acto or Utility Knife
  • Cup or Circle Cookie Cutter
  • Any type of stamp if you’d like to use them to make imprints on the clay


To start, cut a piece of your parchment paper and fold it in half. Then use your X-Acto knife to cut the amount of clay you plan on using and work with it a little bit so it’s soft. (For my bowl I used half of the block of clay.) Flatten the ball of clay as much as you can in your hands and put it between the folded piece of parchment paper. Use your rolling pin to evenly flatten out the clay. Open the parchment paper and place the doily on your clay. (I put mine only on half the clay since I wanted the lace pattern on only the bottom of my bowl.) Then close the parchment paper and press the rolling pin down on the doily so that an imprint is made.


Open the parchment paper up again and peel off the doily. Use your cup to cut circle in the clay. Once you have the circle, use stamps or even your X-Acto knife to personalize your dish.


You can’t really mold the circle into a bowl so use the bottom of a cup to mold the clay. Or place the circle gently into a oven-safe bowl or ramekin that is a little smaller than your circle so it will sag a little in the center and give you more of a bowl shape.


Bake the clay according to the temperature on the clay package (mine was 15 minutes at 275°F).


Let your dish cool and flip it over. Gently tap the bottom to release your ring dish! I also formed little love birds and placed put them in my ring dish 🙂


I used my X-Acto knife to carve C <3 B. I love how my rings look in the little dish!


These might be my rings, but how cute of a shot would this be for a wedding?


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