Small Wedding on Lake Anna | Gwenn + Keith Mineral, VA

June 19, 2023

Bride and Groom smiling at each other at small wedding on Lake Anna, VA


This was both my Uncle Keith and my now Aunt Gwenn’s second marriages so they had a small wedding on Lake Anna, VA. It was just their parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces & nephews, grand-niece & grand-nephew, and a couple close friends. Maybe that’s not so small 🙂

They really tried to keep everything super simple. I of course pulled out whatever details I could find. Without them really trying, their details kind of ended up being a USA (maroon, ivory, navy, and gold) color/theme, which is fitting because Gwenn is a Marine. My uncle was not in the Marines, but they met as they both worked in the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia. Gwenn works in public affairs and my Uncle Keith worked in the creative side with the exhibits. I am always amazed by my uncle’s creative talent so no pressure photographing his wedding or anything. He also worked for Disney World when I was a kid and I didn’t realize until later on that he was the reason we got to go to Disney so much.


Image of wedding invitation and wedding jewelry


Gwenn chose only to wear jewelry that my uncle had got her. It worked out well that the necklace, earrings, and engagement ring were all blue.


Wedding jewelry and wedding dress hanging in front of window

I’ve deemed these two women, Gwenn’s Mamma Mia friends! And I mean it very much in a good way. Do you remember the scene in the movie when they get off the boat and they’re so excited to see Donna? And I swear there are a couple of scenes where they’re hanging out and getting ready. These 3 friends were so excited to see each other and hung out in the bedroom and helped Gwenn get ready during the morning.

Bride getting ready with friends before small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

All hands on deck! Gwenn + Keith rented a lake house for their wedding on Lake Anna for them and their parents to stay in, but also to host the wedding. There was a large dock where the ceremony was held and then the basement opened up to the outside so there was plenty of room for everybody during the reception. Plus it was beautiful day so the kids loved being outside.

Family helping preparing for intimate lake house wedding on Lake Anna, VA

I decided these were my uncle’s details because the only other thing was his suit. 🙂 My uncle made the family nut roll recipe! However he did use honey because he doesn’t eat sugar and used some whole wheat flour and added lemon zest. I thought it was so good! (I need the recipe!) The gold wedding band was his father’s, my grandfather’s, wedding band. He passed away when my mom was 16 so a lot of us never got to meet him so it was neat to hold his ring and take pictures of it. My grandma had recently found it and I loved that my Uncle Keith got to use it for this wedding as the oldest son. It fit him perfectly, he didn’t even need to resize it.

I wish all my brides could get ready in the room that Gwenn got ready in. It so pretty and neutral with the perfect mirror for Gwenn to look into.

Bride getting in dress being helped by mother

Bride putting earrings on in front of mirror and brides mother tying bow of dress

Bride looking at self in mirror before small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

Her Mamma Mia friends giving her the last touches! 🙂

“About damn time” was the running joke! Gwenn + Keith have been together for at least 11 years because she came to Ben and my wedding and they had already been dating for awhile then. They already call each other husband and wife for when my uncle has been in the hospital Gwenn is able to be with him if she’s his “wife”. And her grandchildren call him Popeye!

Gwenn wanted to do a little first look with her dad. It was so funny because he walked in to see her and then pulled out his phone and took a bit to take a picture before saying anything or giving her a hug.

Father of bride and bride enjoying a moment before getting married

Here we go! It was quite the hill to walk down to the water and then the stairs to get up to the top floor of the dock.

Father and bride walking down the aisle for their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

Groom seeing bride walking down the aisle on the dock

Lake Anna was the perfect backdrop for their wedding!

Father kissing bride before getting married along the water

Groom hugging father and getting emotional when seeing his bride at their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

Dustin had been Gwenn’s children’s youth pastor and remained friends with the family. Naturally the next step was for my uncle to meet him, become friends with him and then he was the perfect officiant.

Bride and groom getting married dockside at their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

How special that they could both have parents there to be a part of the day.

Family members enjoying the relaxed dockside wedding

Bride and groom laughing while getting married waterfront


Bride and groom exchanging rings and kissing each other at their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

Bride and groom's first kiss during wedding ceremony

They exited to Time Warp and had to dance a little.

Bride and groom dancing at their lakeside wedding

All along my uncle kept saying the ceremony would start and 10 minutes later the reception would start. The family pictures took longer then that! Let me tell you, as soon as he saw Gwenn come out from the shadow of the dock’s roof (Remember he didn’t see her walk all the way down to the water and then up all those stairs.) he became a big softy!

I was trying to keep the pictures to 10-15 minutes, but honestly these two were in their own little world and just enjoying it.

Bride and groom hugging each other at their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

There were actual docks underneath where you could bring boats, kayaks, paddle boards, etc. They were also perfect for some shade from the bright sun for pictures.

Gwenn’s dress was twirly and we had some fun with it!

Bride posing on the dock on Lake Anna, VA

Groom posing on the dock on Lake Anna, VA

Bride and groom walking on dock after their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

I have to give my uncle credit for this photo, he suggest I go back up and photograph looking down. I took a bunch of Gwenn twirling her dress and I love them all!

Gwenn’s niece made the cake. The top layer was gluten free and made with honey instead of sugar for my uncle.

Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake

They could not have picked a more perfect cake topper! I swear they go out every weekend to hike and take pictures.

Wedding cake at a small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

I tasted all the layers and they were all good!

Bride and groom serving each other cake during their small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

My cousin has been refining his skills at making mead for a couple years and this side of my family’s last name is Bearley. So my uncle came up with the name and designed the label for the bottles. (I told you he was creative.)

Popping champagne at a small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

Always Mimi even during her wedding!

I love this one, they’re both in their own little world while everything else went on around them.

Bride and groom during first dance for small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

I love when a couple doesn’t have a precise, perfect planned to each step first dance. I prefer they learn some of the fun basics like twirling and dipping and then just really enjoy being in the moment of their dance.

Bride and groom dancing at a small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

We went back outside one more time for sunset. And that was the end to a pretty perfect wedding on Lake Anna.

Backyard lakefront small wedding on Lake Anna, VA

Congratulations Aunt Gwenn & Uncle Keith! I am so happy for the two of you and hope you enjoy so many years of so much happiness. You both deserve it!

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  1. Janet says:

    Beautiful pictures and story. Thanks Cassidy.

  2. Elaine Polzin says:

    Congratulations to both of you. I am so happy for you. You both deserve every happiness. Wising you both many years of happiness and beautiful adventures. Love, Lanie

  3. Michele Flynn says:

    So blessed to have been a part of this love story through the years but even more so to witness its next chapter finally being written!
    Love you both!

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