Pittsburgh Family Newborn Session

March 26, 2020

If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Pittsburgh. Born and raised there! My family all lives there and so does my best friend Jess. I try to go back home as much as possible even though it’s a 7 hour drive. When Jess had her and Ted’s second child, Paul, I had a short window where I could go to Pittsburgh in my schedule, plus I wanted to meet Paul as a newborn. So I actually flew home for 2 quick days so I could photograph Ted, Jess, Lucy and Paul in a Pittsburgh family newborn session.

I’ve photographed a decent amount of newborn family sessions, mainly for friends & family (my friends & family have had a lot of babies lol), and let me tell you I have not met an older sibling that is more obsessed with their younger sibling then Lucy. All Lucy wanted to do was love on Paul. We basically had to pull her away from him whenever I went to take pictures of just Paul.

We eventually got Lucy out of her Cinderella dress up (she’s obsessed with princesses – my kind of girl 🙂 ). But I loved photographing her as she was because let’s be honest her dressed up as Cinderella is real life and that’s just as important as the nicely matched clothes.

Lucy is growing up so fast, I photographed her newborn session!  So I had to take some portraits of her as well.

I told Lucy to smile and she did this, I love it!

Lucy loves dancing and her “gift from Paul” were ballet shoes.

Jess and Ted have the perfect bed for family portraits! I love their rustic bed frame (that Ted & Jess’s dad built) and their white bed spread makes a simple background.

It’s always important to get pictures of just the parents with their new baby. I didn’t have Ben with me on this trip to distract Lucy, but luckily our other best friend was over with her kids to distract Lucy for a little bit. It’s definitely important to have someone around to help during portrait sessions whenever there are kiddos involved.

I took Lucy outside for some portraits of just her. She won’t wear anything but dresses right now so I wanted to document that stage. And those ballerina shoes were not coming off! haha

Jess and Ted are such amazing parents and give such grace to one another and really support each other as they figure out the whole parenting thing.

Baby yawns are the best!

I took some time to take some portraits of just Paul. Most of the time newborns sleep through this and I tried all my tricks, but Paul was determined to stay awake initially.

I made a tiny bowtie for the little man.

All the little tiny details are so important to capture because they grow up so fast.

After a good feeding we did eventually get Paul asleep 🙂

Congratulation Jess, Ted and Lucy on Paul! I know this blog is months after he was born, but I loved photographing this new stage in your life and the images were just too precious not to post even if they’re wayyyy late!

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  1. Kimmygaudreau@comcast.net says:

    As always spectacular!!!

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    ❤️❤️❤️ you captured my peeps so beautifully
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