Favorite Pictures of 2019

February 19, 2020

Happy, in love couples that can’t wait to be married are my favorite thing to photograph. And I was so lucky that’s what I got to photograph in 2019. So I’m going to share some of my favorite pictures of 2019 that I captured.

This past year looked a little different than previous years. If you read my previous post then you know I went through some pretty significant health problems. Whenever we found out about my health problems I stopped taking on anymore weddings and other sessions. It was a difficult decision to make but I wanted to best serve the couples that I did have and not over commit myself. I wasn’t sure what the timeline was going to look like for my health and I didn’t want to put anyone’s weddings or sessions at risk. In the end it was the right decision and I still got to capture some amazing moments at an engagement session, weddings and mini sessions that I did for families at the end of the year once I was feeling better.

Dang, that ring stands out!

I love creating wedding day timelines. That might sound strange, but I love figuring out how a wedding day will work the best so that I can capture all the images the couple wants, but so they also get the maximum amount of time to enjoy their big day and all their guests that are there to celebrate them.

I begin each wedding day by shooting the details of the wedding day while the bride and her bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done. I usually shoot all the parts of the invitation suite, the rings, the dress (on a nice hanger), shoes, jewelry, and anything else that is special to the wedding like family heirlooms.

I try to get a feel for the wedding day before the wedding so I can bring the right color or themed styling objects to help enhance the details. I love it when florists give me some extra flowers or greenery to work with.

Dogs are always welcome in any of my pictures!!

When it comes to putting on a wedding dress and all the accessories it takes a lot longer than you think!

I love a first look between a bride and groom, but I love when a bride does a first look with her father first.

While I’m with the bride, my second shooter is over with the groom and his groomsmen while they get ready.

During a first look I always seem to hold my breath for a moment while the groom sees his bride for the first time.

To me this is the most important part of the day, the ceremony. This is the whole reason for the wedding and the commitment to one another is so sacred to me.

I love first looks because we usually get the bridal party pictures done before the ceremony. My goal is to get all of the pictures I need of the bridal party, but not hold them any longer than necessary. I know the pictures aren’t the most fun, but I make it as painless as possible.

When it comes to portrait time with the bride and groom, I treasure it. I know everyone is fighting for their attention on their wedding day. But this is the one time of the day that the couple can breathe with just a couple of cameras around them. I try to make it as relaxing and comfortable as possible. That’s why I love engagement sessions, it prepares them for this moment. The couple knows I’m going to direct them, but that I’m also going to give them space to just enjoy this moment where it’s just the two of them in the pictures. I usually try to take the couple away from where everyone else is so they’re not around the commotion of the wedding day.

Statement shoes for the bride and statement socks for the groom make me happy 🙂

Give me a veil and I can take pictures for hours… but I won’t since I’m always on a timeline. I will make a little magic though!

During the cocktail hour I usually make it into the reception room to capture all the details before they’ve been touched by any of the guests. And then the reception starts and it’s a party from there on out!

I love to know when there are going to be any rehearsed dances during the reception so I can be ready to get the perfect picture!

This year was my first time experiencing a La Hora Loca and it really kept the party going! Plus a fog gun = way too much fun!

I also experienced my first Michael Jackson impersonator this year!

I get bumped around on the dance floor, but I love getting fun dancing pictures!

This cake smash was one for the books! (She got him back!)

I love taking a couple out at sunset for just 10 minutes worth of pictures, the light is so magical!

If we can’t make it out at sunset, then I love taking a couple out for night portraits right before I leave. Night portraits are so magical too.

After I had finished all of the weddings for 2019, I set up some mini sessions. Mini sessions are 20 minute sessions that I do in the fall so families can get updated photos or if they’d like to get some photos for their holiday cards.

Like I said before, dogs are always welcome in my pictures 🙂

And there are my favorite pictures of 2019! I’m going to start photographing in 2020 in about a week and a half and I cannot wait! I have just a couple openings left for weddings in 2020 so make sure to contact me if you’re interested! (I do limit the number of weddings I shoot in a year so I can give each of my couples a wonderful experience.) You can also contact me if you’re interested in mini sessions in the fall, I usually try to send out an email in September about them.

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