May 30, 2014

I’m pretty sentimental and tend to want to save anything that reminds of people I love or happy memories. (I have a whole pile of things to be scrap-booked to prove it!) So when it came to our wedding I saved everything… I even have the sign that was on our honeymoon door at the resort. But I couldn’t figure out what to do with all of the cards that we received for the engagement, shower and actual wedding. So off to Pinterest I went since Ben just wanted to get rid of them. I’m going to show you what I did with the cards but also some other ideas I found/thought of.

On Pinterest I found ways to make your cards into a book. In fact, I found a website that makes them into an actual book: However, I decided to go a little easier and cheaper by punching holes in the corner and then putting a ribbon (that was used at the wedding) through the hole. You could also use the metal rings that you can get from office supply stores. These are the cards from my shower.


Now some people on Pinterest made or kind of scrap-booked little covers the size of a card to be the front of their “books”. I had cards that I loved for the front so I didn’t make a cover.

As a side note, I’m a little obsessed with Cinderella (my wedding dress was even Alfred Angelo’s version of Cinderella’s dress). So I got a lot of cards with Cinderella and put the one my mom gave me first.


I did our wedding cards in a separate “book” and again chose the card my parents gave us because it was the scripture that was read at our wedding and one that I’ve always held so dear.


I’m so glad that I saved our cards like this because it’s so easy to flip through and read all the encouragement from the people who love us most.


I also thought of a couple alternative ideas, for instance putting the cards in a photo box. You can buy photo boxes at any craft store and can even decorate them if you’d like or get it in one of your wedding colors. 

If you don’t want to save all the cards you could also cut the fronts off/ or around any of the details to use for scrap-booking or to make a collage. (For example, you could cut out Cinderella or cut the rings off of the cards I showed.) You could also donate the pieces that you cut out or the fronts of the card to an organization with kids. Churches, the YMCA and kids camps use these pieces for arts and crafts with the kids.

These are also great ideas for other cards you get through out the year so they don’t go to waste! Does anybody else have any creative ways they save their cards?

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