June’s Goals

June 3, 2014


Since both Ben and I are from Pennsylvania we spent a good amount of time traveling there in May. And it seems that it will continue into June, our calendar is filled! But with all of that, life still goes on and I have a list of things that need to be done and that I’m aiming for.

  • Book another wedding – Yes I’m putting this out there, I’m looking to book more weddings for not only 2014 but into 2015. Please contact me if you’re interested!
  • Blog twice a week – I’ve been going strong so far and I already have June and July planned with a lot of great posts!
  • Website Updates – This is a constant battle but I’m working on more updates for cassadykphotography.com, especially behind the scenes with SEO.
  • Stay on top of my images! – I take a lot of pictures, both personally and at sessions. I manage the pictures from the sessions pretty well, but my personal pictures are BACKED UP! Like I haven’t edited Christmas 2012. I’ve tried to blog more personal pictures so that I have to edit them quickly but I need to not only keep up with June’s pictures but finish 2012’s pictures. Yikes!
  • Photo Books – That’s right not only am I editing my personal pictures but I’m putting them in photo books! I want to have the  January – March 2012 part of my book finished.
  • Wedding Album – Ben and I just had our 2 year anniversary and I still haven’t done our wedding album! Ah! I just love all of the images too much and I don’t know how to choose which ones I want to use. But I need to start the process and just get one spread done this month!
  • Walk/Yoga – I’m starting slow and I want to incorporate either walking or yoga twice a week. It’s just so much easier to sit on the couch with the computer.

So those are my goals and I’m putting them on the blog to hopefully keep me accountable. Happy June! Enjoy the summer weather!

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